Week 1: Saskatchewan @ Edmonton

Well lets get to it. We never really have much success in Edmonton based on the past couple of years we usually are just not all there when we travel to the eskies house (kind of like going to Hamilton before last season) I still feel with the revamped secondary Rielly is going to struggle. BUT I also feel our offense may experience some growing pains I'm not all that confident after our starters (with the exception of Sheets) didn't show much in pre season. After it's all said and done our defense bails us out with a pick 6 and a fumble recovery that our offense converts into a field goal

Roughriders 26
Eskimos 22

Wow 63 views and not one Rider fan has predictions for week 1?

I'm just so damn edgy, need this season to start. Preseason was just a tease, and I hate teases.

On paper the Riders should be able to take out the Esks, but unfortunatley this game is at Commonwealth, not paper stadium. That being said as long as the O-line can handle the Esks front four, I don't believe the Esks secondary is good enough to stick with our recievers, and our D should be able to keep the Esks offence sputtering.
Riders - 24
Esks - 13

I believe the combined score will be 50+
on paper, I believe the Riders win by 10+... 34-24

  • It is commonwealth
  • I am not sure the OL can hold...this is the 1st real test I suppose, so we will see...but against the Stamps I believe it is in trouble
  • I am still sketchy on Butler at LB...or at least in his ability to stop any power back unless the DE is not in pass rush

The keys to the game:

  • Esks have a big OL, but it is likely going to take them a few games to gel. If the Rider DL comes out strong it could be rough for their passing game. If this is the case I am hoping the Anderson shadows Stamps on the line (he is a master at that 5 yard rule).
  • I believe the secondary is set. I am worried about the LB core, or at least the unusual manning they are using for it...Guess we know why Chamblin got rid of Alex Smith...he knew he wouldn't go for it.

Roughriders 29
Edmonton 18

They should win, but it's Commonwealth. The Riders have won there like 5 times in the last 20 years? Especially in the last 6 or 7 years most of those games the Riders have had a better team than the Esks but still go there to read their own epitaph it seems.

Riders SHOULD win this ...

Well the Simon era isn't off to the greatest start, ruled OUT for the game this Saturday. So I guess we'll be getting a better look at Carr. Dressler and Getz will be Durant's saving grace.

wow...according to the game day roster...

  • Butler is starting LB over Hurl (Hurl seemed a lot more solid at the position)
  • Sholo is moving to left Tackle (don't mind this...Sholo and Chick on the same side primarily)
  • Schmitt is doing both duties
  • Simon is dressing, or at least on the 46
  • Best is starting over Watman (probably good, but honestly thought Watman would start)
  • DB Harris is starting at CB over CB Turenne (hope the shorter Harris is up for the CB challenge)
  • Sisco is the only backup WR, but there are 4 backups in the secondary (!) and 3 LBs
    So at WR starting left to right we have:
  • Smith (who many have perpetually been on the fence with, but has seemed pretty good in PS)
  • WR Carr at SB...a guy who refuses to come back to the ball
  • Dressler
  • Getz backing him up
  • Bagg coming off another injury
  • unproven 4 year vet Sisco

But, McHenry is still in the game at FB, so that is another WR I suppose...and he was solid late last season, and honestly, the best target in the last 3 games....and of course Sanders

Riders 33
Eskimos 26

Looking forward to watching the game on ESPN 2 here in the states!

Well I"ll tell ya. . .

Were I to be the one making the calls, I'd give a game ball to Fulton and Heenan the two Offensive Tackles. Up against very good pass rushers in Marcus Howard and Odell Willis, and they gave up NO sacks. Great job.

Additionally, I know many rider fans had concerns about the LB corps (yes, depop, it's CORPS not "core"), but I think there's method to Richie Hall's madness. Brackenridge at safety, Ferri and Weldon Brown splitting time at WILL and Butler moving up to SAM, again, it worked out rather well. There's so much built-in flexibility with this that I'm really looking forward to watching Saskatchewan's defence this year; the ability to mix and match and switch positions back and forth gives Richie Hall a lot of leeway to exercise his creativity, and will create fits for opposing offensive coordinators.

Doudble Digits!
The Riders are now 10-40 at Commonwealth!

first...loved the diversity in the O playbook. Even when they were not connecting it looked very good for week one. Perhaps a few too many shovel passes, but overall I liked it...hitting different running lanes and spreading the ball, and very happy Cortez kept NcHenry a part of the active O.

Man...Ferri got knocked the F out! wow! happy recovery my friend, see you in a few weeks.

I felt a little for Reilly...he had a pile of pressure, but give them some time and it could be a good thing. Stamps had his usual vs Riders... outstanding game, and Sweeney has a lot of potential. The Esks D doesn't seem to have the same bite thus far in the young season. Their run game was lackluster at best.

I thought Heenan, and that side of the line, looked great...but I think next week will be the true test. I think they could be in trouble...time will tell I guess, but I lack confidence for now. Oh, and LaBatte was holding on like every play.

The Ends, mainly Chick, got solid pressure, which gave the tackles a lot of room...see that in 3 sacks by the tackles! While the Esks hardly ran, I saw Buttler be ineffective on a couple of occasions...again, that WILL hurt against a guy like Cornish.

DD's numbers were not superb, but it was basically a game filled with solid decisions from him...glad to see that. I was also happy they put Willy in. I wondered if they would about 1/3 through the 3rd quarter, but wish they had opened the playbook up with him a bit...that said, after 1 week I would bet he has barely seen the playbook...with a new OC, almost every snap in practice would be for first stringers.

When Anderson snapped I was disappointed, but was happy that once he cooled off he approached what appeared to be each team mate. Still concerning to take 2 majors on one down!

I was disappointed in 1 big thing from Chamblin...Harris made a beautiful INT and he never challenged it. Some say...yeah, but look at the score...So? Reward the guy after a play like that! Where is the foot on throat mentality? I mean, the Esks took a time out with a minute left to get more time on the clock in an out of reach game. I was very disappointed in his decision on that one.

a small group of indispensable persons or things

a body of people associated together


to each their own

I consider the LBs the core of the defense, and a corps of players.

fine insofar as it goes. . .if you want to say the linebackers are the heart of the team, then sure use core.

But to refer to "linebacking core" is incorrect, it's linebacking corps.

No one ever says peace core or army core of engineers. . . .

The rest of your analysis I pretty much agree with . . . we'll sure know a lot more from game #2

The thing with the OL...they looked pretty solid against the Esks in preseason as well, but the Stamps were all over them. That said, the stamps were bringing 6, sometimes 7 guys, and you just don't expect that in preseason.

Tis the pressure test I suppose. If they look good in that game, it could be a promising season.

I am still not sold on Butler at LB. Wish Hurl was in there more.

I'm not sure there. Butler's a ball player. . . if you move Brackenridge to safety then you have to find someplace for Butler to play, he's too good to leave on the sidelines. Hurl's a good special teams player (is there any more over-used phrase than special teams "demon" ??). . . but I tend to think that's where he should be left. .. on ST and not as a regular starter. .. sort of like Kitwana Jones. . . you reduce their effectiveness by making them starters.

My take on the game, over all pretty good,

DD played smart, Getz caught balls, off. was on the money!!

OL played damn good, lets see what they do against Calgary next week.

DL said it on another post, I pity all the QB's this season, they put lots of pressure on Edm.

D back field, the wolf pack played well, a few time looked like the pup pack but good overall.

Special teams.. played well, have only one concern, I love J sanders but we need someone who can punt return, he's not the guy sorry JMO! My look at Sisco or someone with speed and cut ability. and not Sheets or Dressler!!

Right now that's my biggest concern there!!

Damn good game Boys well done!!

I am sure. Butler is an average player at best. He's a DB with less than adequate coverage skills. Every couple of games he makes a hilight big hit and so is very popular. He might be the most overrated player in the league.

Hurl is also a ball player, and he's a better LB, and he's just as Canadian as Butler.

The Riders do NOT have to find a place for Butler to play. Always match people to tasks, never tasks to people. By the time you get down to Butler, if all the roles are taken by better players then Butler becomes a backup or an STer.

Kitwana Jones' effectiveness was not reduced because he started. His effectiveness was reduced because Miller put him way out of position at rush end. If he would have started at LB he would have been fine.

The thing that bothered me with the D was Brack getting the most tackles for the team.
I don't like the Safety leading the team in tackles...it means they are getting drilled deep likely over the middle (they were not), or the S is playing shallow, and they are susceptible deep.

Very good all round performance by the Riders. Loved our play calling in the red zone - none of this run 2 time up the middle get stuffed and kick a field goal - huge improvement over last year. Are we that good or Edmonton that bad?
It looks like Calgary will be a good indication of actually how good a team we have. So far I am impressed :smiley:

Well, I have not watched the game yet. Saw highlites and listened to it live. Just need 2.5 hrs to watch the video.

O-line, relieved to hear they played well. Taman called it domination. That is what we'll need.

D-line, too much trying to keep Foley and Chick in check. Sholy had good stats. Next week we get a little better with a fresh TGeorge ready.

We won large on the road. In case we have a 2-2 record with Edmonton this year it is great we won by 19. The score differential will be tough for them to makeup. Depop you are right.............these west games are so important you have put the gas down and get every point possible. I doubt it will matter, we'll take Edmonton all 4 times this season.