week 1 prop bet...

y o y did the BB let him go???

.. because that idiot Taman doesnt know talent when he sees it...

he fixed the D and coach situation, didn't fix the Oline or the QB, and it shows.

I least we didn't get blow out like week 1 last season.

OK, they showed me.

Excellent call this week Sambo. I'm just glad I didn't have real money on it!

You're right about Allen getting hurt being the real story of the game. Wynn played as well as he's ever played. The question has to be now, can he keep it up for the next six weeks?

I think Wynn has the potential to be a superstar in this league. Im wondering if he Argos are 6-2 or even 5-3 by the time Damon is back, do they put him back in, or do they stick with Wynn. I would personally stick with Wynn at that point, until he either gets injured or plays poorly. Argos definitely have what you would call a good problem to have--Allen or Wynn to be your #1 starter.