week 1 prop bet...

which will b more

yardage for rickey williams vs ti-cats this sat

total points scored in argos v ti-cats?

probably total points. i don' think williams is completely ready and i expect toronto to pass more than go to the run. maybe a couple passes to ricky to get the crowd going.

I would think Ricky will get more yards than total points scored by both teams. The final pre-season game was 21-11 Hamilton for a total of 32 points by both teams and Ricky had 46 yds.

......I'm going to go with yards as well.....I'll say RW gets 65 to 70 yards and the score will be combined 50 to 55....

I'd have to agree.


I'm going points until Toronto shows me they'll give Williams the ball 20 times.

last PS game he had 46 and less than 10 touches, so I would bet that he has anywhere 15-20 carries with anywhere to 75-100 yds. Unless the score winds up 45-30 or over, I really dont see where you come up with more points than yds.

I think Rickey will smoke more joints than yardage gained.

Oops my bad.... I read the question wrong.....

He had 11 carries for 46 yards and a 4.18 yard/carry avg.

I think the ball boy will have more yardage than Ricky "I didn't inhale" Williams

oops my bad... but my point was he would have had somwhere of 85 yds or higher if you project that over a full game... mr. bedell has right to his opinion.. but I think he is off base in prediciting that Ricky wont get a lot of carries

I predict another Ham blow out, although I’ll be cheering for TO for the sake of Ham lame logo and uniforms.


KK, if the Ticats logo is lame, why do you use it as your avatar? Especially since you supposedly cheer for the Bombers.

I usually am (off base, that is). I really hope you're right, though, because I want Ricky to succeed. It would be a shame for him to be underutilized. For this game, however, I'm a skeptic until I see the Argos change their offence. They didn't do it for Avery. Maybe they will for Ricky.

their CURRENT LOGO AND UNIFROM is lame, their old logo and uniforms of 2004 rock!

Bombers are my team, period, but the Cats were my favorites in the East, now the Argos have temporary taken that position due to the lame logo.

BRING BACK TIGGER THE TIGER-CAT!!! [insanity alarm goes off!]

BTW, I have no real favorites in the West, although if the Bombers were playing in the West where they belong this season, they would fit that role.

KK, you're the only person I know who picks a team based on how pretty their uniforms are...well, the only guy, anyway.

Playing about four quarters in the two preseason games, Williams combined for 15 carries for 53 yards. That's a little more than a 3-yard average...which may be fine in the 4-down NFL, but will lead to many, many punts up here.

Of course, even if he gets just one carry, the camera will be focused on him throughout the entire game. They just advertised the game on TV: "Ricky Williams' regular-season debut." I'd better turn the radio on...I'll want to know what's going on while CBC is showing Williams standing on the sideline and talking about how great he is.

they treat williams like hes the only player on the team

Hey, I'm going with the Cats to win, doesn't mean that I will be cheering for them. :cowboy:

This week prop bet... Ricky had 97 yds rushing on 18 carries while the two teams combined for 44 pts. The bigger story I would say is Allen getting injured and Wynn leading them to victory..