Week #1 Predictions!

Time has come! Kickoff to the new season! Whats your predictions for week number 1!?

Hamilton @ Montreal:
Ottawa @ Edmonton:
BC @ Toronto
Saskatchewan @ Winnepeg

Montreal defeats Hamilton…by alot
BC defeats Toronto… not too bad
Edmonton defeats Ottawa… close game
Saskatchewan defeats Winnepeg… by alot




Montreal over Hamilton (Montreal is just better)
Toronto over BC (should be really tight though. Worst possible team to start the season off against)
Ottawa over Edmonton (lets go with an upset on this one. Edmonton isn’t finely tuned just yet, and Ottawa is a team on a mission)
Saskatchewan over Winnipeg (Should be interesting, but Saskatchewan will have more chemistry at this point)

I agree except there there is no chance Ottawa will beat Edmonton, Ottawa at its best isnt as good as a " not finely tuned " Edmonton, and why you dont think their ready? And there will be nothing interesting about the Saskatchewan/Bomber game, unless you think beating a dead horse is interesting, look for a blowout.


i thought the point was to make predictions and not criticize other ppl’s predictions.

Well Ricky Ray isn’t 100%, they have no established running game, and who the defence hasn’t had time to mingle. I know Edmonton should win, but you gotta take the dogs somtimes. As for SSK/WPG, those teams have a pretty good rivalry, and on opening day it should be fun.

But thanks for coming out.

Ryoon, buddy. good to see you’re still around. Big Dave’s post not enough for you, though? Anyway, I’ll give you the same calls here that I gave to the Big Guy’s post: Als, Edmonton, Argos and Riders.

Sorry Argofan4 life. I havent been around long enough to view the “CFL Talk” forum. Therefore I haven’t seen Big Dave’s topic. And now, there is just so many people on this site its incredible, this league is truly incredible.

Thanks argofan4life, I look forward to debating with you in the near future, we had quite a few last year. :stuck_out_tongue:
Take Care buddy

Take Hamilton in a shoot out 37 - 35, Montreals secondary will give up passing yards this year

Take Edmonton by 10, Ottawa should be spirited but a tough place to win

Take Toronto by about the same spread as the GC game, you cant beat Toronto through the air and BC doesnt have the ground attack to get it done

Take Winnipeg by a field goal, a distinct lack of offense in this one, the kickers will decide it

Riders 26 Winnipeg 18
Hamilton 31 Montreal 30
Toronto 23 BC 12
Edmonton 42 Ottawa 31

once again, here are mine.

Montreal over Hamilton (sorry cats) (rec)
Edmonton over Ottawa (untill the meaged of the Ottawa records, I can’t pick Ottawa)
Toronto over BC (close one!)
Winnipeg over Saskatchewan (easy! if Winnipeg loses this game, THERE IS NO HOPE FOR THEM! I smell something like a Dolphin! :wink: )

Edmonton has the most points, and the BC/Toronto game will be the closes.

conbimed score for all: 425 (Total guess)

Montreal over Hamilton (probably outscore 2-1)
Edmonton over Ottawa (I hope a close game but I won’t bet to much on Ottawa)
T.O. vs B.C. kinda a coin flip. Should be the best game of the 4. I pick BC by less than a TD
Sask over Winnipeg. Battle of the feild goals and singe points

Ahhhh this Cut and paste is so nice. Glad there were no injuries since I posted these on Big Dave’s list!

MONTREAL over Hamilton
EDMONTON over Ottawa
SASKATCHEWAN over Winnipeg
BC Over Toronto

The BC-Toronto game will be the closest one of the four.

Let the fun begin…The real season is here!

My picks:

MONTREAL - Montreal is still a powerhouse, and Hamilton just played 4 days ago.

EDMONTON - Ottawa never plays well at Commonwealth. I suspect Ottawa will get blown out.

TORONTO - Tough pick. BC has looked good in the preseason, but I have to go with the Grey Cup champs here.

SASKATCHEWAN - Their defense will be solid against the Bombers, and Winnipeg’s secondary still needs time to gel.

i’m afraid i’ll have to agree with this one. (my poor tiger cats… :/)

as for the other games:

  • saskatchewan beats winnipeg–i’d probably cheer for winnipeg, but i’m not certain that they could beat the rough riders.
  • toronto beats bc–toronto has a bit of an edge, because of last year’s grey cup. it might be awfully close, but toronto can, at least, squeak by bc.
  • ottawa beats edmonton–i think that because ottawa lost that second preseason game to montreal, they’ll be coming out feeling that they need to prove they can win, and they’ll definitely give edmonton a run for their money.

Ottawa ( Yes…I’m bad.)


GO BLUE , were keeping track of the picks right???

Edmonton (close)

[quote=“PIGSEYE”]Take Hamilton in a shoot out 37 - 35, Montreals secondary will give up passing yards this year

How do you win by 2 in a shoot-out?
its by 3 or 7 (6 if they miss the extra)

Maybe a safety at the beginning. Seen it happen lots.