Week 1 predictions

Any Als fans interested in playing picks this season ? Once a week, put your picks in and we’ll tab them up over the season.

Week 1

Saskatchewan VS Hamilton: Both teams have had some major rework. Hamilton is always tough at home. Hamilton by 13.

Winnipeg VS BC: Game of the week ! Major changes in Winnipeg. BC looked the sharpest of all teams during pre-season will start where they left off last season. BC by 16.

Toronto VS Edmonton: Two teams with no offense. Edmonton should take this in a low scoring affair. Edmonton by 6.

Montreal VS Calgary: Lots of changes in Montreal. Calgary should have enough to squeeze a win by 3.

Pick all four home teams, Montreal with an outside chance to steal a road game.

Well, I never make predictions nor bet on teams, but I don't think that Montreal necessarily has an outside chance of winning. If all the new players play up to expectations on D and AC and the O perform as we know they can, I would say they have a good chance of winning.

Drew Tate has definitely shown something over the years, but now he is the de facto starter. So, will he play up to expectations?

It ought to be a great game and all I can say is - GO ALS GO!!!!!

I already play in BigDave's VGCC. My picks this week are Hamilton, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Montreal. Yes, I know we're playing on the road, but Calgary is transitioning to a new QB and their new DC (Rick Campbell) has never struck fear into my heart with his schemes. Our offense is pretty much intact and I think Tate will have problems with our aggressive defense.

Its your Winnipeg pick that surprises me.

LOL, I wrote Winnipeg in my initial post, didn't I? :lol: Sorry, I meant to write BC instead. I can't see any way Winnipeg wins that game, frankly.

I include/have included my predictions with BigDave on CFL Forum. They are:

Hamilton over Saskatchewan.
BC over Winnipeg.
Edmonton over Toronto.
Montreal over Calgary.

Presently,I am "tempted" to go with Toronto over Edmonton; if so,I will inform you no later than this Thursday.

Thank you.


This will be fun. I've put mine in BD's thread as well.

Hamilton mauls Saskatchewan by 25
Burris is going to fly this season
He has more weaponry than the US of A
Saskatchewan looks to be the sad sack of the league...along with Edmonton

BC edges Winnipeg by 5
Lulay has all the confidence of a young man at the height iof his talents
Great receivers and a powerful defence
BC will be hard to beat
Winnipeg still has questions on offence...losing Carr and others didn't help
And the defence is mayorless...who knows how well that'll play out

Toronto crushes Edmonton by 20
Ricky Ray will quietly ram that pigskin down the Eskimos gullett
He's got as much to prove as Burris...with as many weapons to do it
Edmonton's only hope is to abandon the idea of fielding a quarterback
And add an extra running back to the mix

Montreal over Calgary by 10
Drew Tate is either supremely confident
Or supremely arrogant
Winning or losing will decide which
If we can put him on his a$$
(if this defence pans out as promised)
Calvillo and his Air Show will prevail
Have to stop Cornish and Lewis...otherwise...
And God...or Bischoff...No Larry Taylor miracles....puleeese


meh. why not.

als by 3. lions by 10. argos by 7 and cats by 3.

That's the spirit :slight_smile:

What`s the prize at the end of the season? :smiley:

Hamilton over Sask.
BC over Winnipeg (We`ve been talking about our defensive changes, but Wpg. will have 6 defensive changes against B.C.)
Toronto over Edmonton
Als over Calg. (We will have to keep Cornish and Taylor in check)

Good luck with everyones picks and lets have a great season!

Ahh, might as well. :slight_smile:

Here are my picks for both the Rona CFL Pool and BigDave's VGCC.

Hamilton over Saskatchewan
B.C. over Winnipeg
Edmonton over Toronto
Montreal over Calgary


Opening odds for you Richard.

Ma prédiction est qu'il n'y aura pas de match nul.

Sincèrement, je ne crois pas qu'il y ait grand chose à prouver à se lancer dans des prédictions. À ce genre de jeu, on finit toujours par dire "Vous voyez, j'avais raison!" et ne jamais dire "Vous voyez, je me suis trompé!".

J'aime mieux vos analyses après les parties, qui en apprennent beaucoup plus sur comment regarder une partie ou une équipe, que vos prédictions, qui ne sont au fond que des spéculations en apparence éclairées.

Pour ma part, je n'ai pas été impressionné par la ligne offensive des Argonauts, et pas tellement plus par celle des Timinous. S'ils veulent que leur quarts aient du succès, ils devront apprendre à mieux les protéger. Je crois que les Blue Bombers seront meilleurs qu'on le dit. Leur défensive semble toujours solide et ils sont mieux équilibrés à l'offensive.

Les Eskimos et les Roughriders rivaliseront probablement pour la cave de leur division, si ce n'est de la ligue. Les forces de l'ouest demeurent les Lions et les Stampeders, avec un net avantage pour les Lions cette année.

De la façon dont Mike Reilly a joué, je vois mal comment les Lions pourront conserver Reilly et Lulay à long terme. À mon sens, Reilly a autant de potentiel que Lulay, si ce n'est plus encore. Ce gars-là pourrait être partant avant longtemps.

Something to prove ??? Look you don't want to make predictions fine. This is for fun, no one is going to come and take your house away.

Yeah, no kidding, it's all in good fun. I always play in BigDave's challenge, even though I never win, because it's just fun to see if you can predict the outcomes and the small size of the league makes each week's prediction personalized and individual, rather than a chore, as it would be in a bazillion-team league like the NFL.

Great CFL preview on TSN last night. I enjoyed the analyses of the hosts, including Doug Brown's.

Of note, nobody picked the Als to win the GC. So, the Als won't have the pressure of being the team to beat going in to the season. I still have some question marks on D, but we'll see how things go on Sunday.

BTW, I share the sentiment that making predictions is just fun, nothing more, nothing less, and nothing to get tied up in knots over.

Go Als go!

Everyone is writing us off, I like it. :twisted: :frowning:

I enjoyed Kate. In fact I rewinded and replayed her twice :slight_smile:


She's no Martine Gaillard, but she's definitely easy on the eyes. :thup: