Week 1: predict players of the week

Offense: MTL: Jamal Richardson 9 receptions, 162 yards, 2 TD.
Defense: Ham: Jovon Johnson 7 tackles , 2 sacks
Special Teams: Calgary : Larry Taylor 121 yard kick returns, 95 yards punt returns
Canuck: Win : Ian Logan 3 tackle , 2 interceptins.

Jovon Johnson plays for Winnipeg. Jamall Johnson for the Ticats. Even with the correct name you're still wrong - Alex Suber will take the defensive player honours. Blanket coverage on Bruce and still had 6 tackles and an interception for the winning TD.

I think you're wong about special teams too. They'll likely give it to the Lions' Tim Brown - 182 combined return yards but the ST TD gives him the upper hand on Taylor.

My purely homer picks.

Barnes for Offence: 102 yards and a couple touchdowns, including one he picked from the sky.
Sherritt for defence: Apparently he came off the PR, and Dude was all over the field for 11 tackles.


I can attest to Suber shutting down Bruce, I was there and saw it first hand. That kid can play!

Jamel Richardson, Alex Suber, Tim Brown, Ian Logan would be my picks

Could definitely see Jamall Johnson or JC Sherritt as deserving candidates for Defensive Player of the Week too, but Suber shut Bruce down and had the game-winning pick-6 to boot, so I'd give the nod to him.

Agree that Brown beats Taylor thanks to the TD. And while Taylor had a lot of yards, Perry Floyd also had 181 yards combined returning and better averages, both KR and PR. TD gives Brown the upper hand on everyone else though, I'd be surprised if he doesn't win.

Offence - Ricky Ray
Defence - JC Sherritt
Canadian - Ian Logan
Specialty Teams - Larry Taylor

Offence - Jamal Richardson
Defence - Alex Suber
Canadian - Ian Logan
Specialty Teams - Larry Taylor

Offence - Ricky Ray
Defence - alex suber
Canadian - Ian Logan
Specialty Teams - tim brown

Sherritt wasn't quite so picky, he shut down everybody in green, not just one guy.

Offense: Richardson
Defense: Suber
Special Teams: Brown
Canadian: Logan


The only question I have is why would Ray get the nod before Calvillo if you're going to go with a QB? He did have a slightly higher QB rating in part to his higher completion percentage, but he threw for less yards.

But Suber plays what is considered to be the toughest defensive position in the CFL - halfback - and he shut down last season's 3rd leading receiver and a likely future hall of famer all night long.

I picked Ray cause I'm playing the role of a homer, I also think that the Esks were such a surprise to the league this week they may feel inclined to give them at least one POW awards and to me that would be Ray. :wink:

Easy, Calvillo took the #1 ranked team to a narrow victory over the #5 ranked team.

Ray took the #8 ranked team to a convincing victory over the #3 ranked team.

not even close to the level Suber shut Bruce down.

the Riders had SIX receivers who had better days than Bruce. not that Sherritt could have much impact on shutting receivers down anyway, but tells you how well Suber did his job. Cates had a better day than Bruce too.

oh, and Suber decided to throw in a game-winning pick-6 for good measure.

Sherritt was awesome, impressed me a ton, but he doesn't deserve anything over Suber this week.

Ray had a better all-around game: better completion percentage, more consistency through four quarters.