Week 1 Picks

Who do you guys have for Week 1?

Here are the spreads at the moment:

Montreal -4 @ Winnipeg
Hamilton @ Toronto -4.5
BC Lions @ Calgary -3
Saskatchewan @ Edmonton -1

My picks are in the VGCC thread.

Two things surprise me with these point spreads. First, I'm a little surprised that the 'Riders-Eskies game is as close as it is. Second, aren't point spreads always stated with a .5? Or is this a way for the house to make a killing when the point spread is exact?

I am predicting a home field sweep.

Here is my prediction with scores

montreal 34 @ winnipeg 18
( winnipeg will be lucky to win 4 games all season)
Hamilton 34 @ toronto 24
( Hamilton is going to be the most improved team this year)
Bc lions 22 @ Calgary 28
( Bc are going to go through growing pains with a all young inexpierenced offense , except for Lulay)
Sask 17 @ Edmonton 25
( edmonton are going to be a real winner with Mike Reilly)

the .5 is so that there's no push.

If you take Timbuktu -3 and Timbuktu wins by a FG, that's a tie. With the half point there's no ties. :wink:

my picks for week 1 are :rockin: Montreal :rockin: :twisted: Toronto :twisted: :thup: B.C. :thup: :lol: Edmonton :lol:

Going with an away sweep.

Exactly my point. How common are ties in the CFL? Can you even bet on a tie, and if so, what are the odds? If even points are allowed, this would be the equivalent of the zero in roulette giving a slight edge to the house on table-side bets, e.g. red/black, even/odd, number groups.


Montreal (the better team)
Hamilton/Toronto (toss up)
Calgary (City pride win)
Sask (will take Reilly a few games to get comfortable)

But the half point ensures NO ties on the betting ticket, no matter the score. Even a tie game 30-30 become 30½-30 with a half point handicap, see?

I'd agree, except for the Riders.
They don't win many in Edmonton.

I think we are vehemently agreeing with each other. That is precisely why I was questioning the two even-point spreads in the OP's post. For example, he had Edmonton with a one point spread over Saskatchewan; I would have expect either a .5 or 1.5 spread to make sure one team or the other would beat the spread.

The rest of my post was pointing out that allowing a tie in the point spread could be a way to increase the odds for the house by allowing the occasional "tie" where no bettors win. My mistake was questioning how often actual ties occur. D'oh! Forgot we were talking about a spread when I typed that. So please strike that question. But I'm leaving the rest, but perhaps read "tie" as "push" if you wish.

Ah, sorry. Now that I re-read your original question you were asking why they DIDN'T have a ½ point spread. I thought you were asking why they DID. :oops:

Now everything makes sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem. As I said, we're vehemently agreeing. :slight_smile:

Globe and Mail reporters Rachel Brady and Allan Maki make their picks for the opening week of CFL action..


[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/football/cfl-picks-for-week-one/article12847251/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/f ... e12847251/[/url]

not bad if I do say so myself. :cowboy:

Well called, tangleweb, congrats!

Now, as to your point about Reilly needing a few games to get comfortable. ..

I wonder if he'll ever get comfortable behind that offensive line.