Week 1 fan rankings, rank them before U know who :)

Didn't think they would look this way :slight_smile:

1- Montreal: Usual fast start, 40 points on the road against the GC champs, need to work all aspects of special teams, long snaping is suspect. Score 85

2- Toronto: The other team to win on the road, Powerful running game with Joseph, Robertson and Payton and a nasty Oline, good job by young NI receivers. Kicking is suspect. Score 75

3- Edmonton: Played a solid all around game despite losing their RB in the first quarter. Ray passed for 75 percent. Seem short on weapons but this team has good balance and will be tough every night out. Score 70

4- Saskatchewan: A win is a win, turnovers still an issue.... Score 70

5- Calgary: Champs didn't look sharp but with all that talent still threatened to win at home. Score 70

6- Winnipeg: Strong defensive effort and plenty of weapons if the Oline can get it done or Lefors learns to throw on the run, they could be competititve. Score 65

7- B.C: Lot's of new personel and lots of mistakes. A lot of work in all phases of the games for Wally this year. Score 60

8- Hamilton: Losing at home, not much spark anywhere in the lineup and an offense that is slow and predictable. Will have to do a much better job on both offense and defense to compete, good thing they have Setta. Score 50

Rankings are weak, so I'm going to take a stab at the POTW winners

Offence: Ray ( although I think Dressler was better )
Defence: Omar Morgan -- the 2 INTS and fumble recovery were big plays -- it's hard to pick a standout on the Sask D that forced 9 sacks and 3 INTs -- they liked to spread it around.
Sp. Teams: Titus Ryan
Canadian: Really tough to say -- Nowacki, Fantuz, and Cahoon all put up similar numbers. None of the kickers sparkled. I'm thinking Cahoon, but I really don't know.

Jamal Robertson with 134 yards on 14 carries get's my vote on Offense, he busted that game wide open for the Argos.

You're far too generous to the Lions and Riders. Both looked like they were still in training camp!

Yeah that Rider D was bad. Defence does count, you know.


I'd rank em:

  1. Montreal
  2. Edmonton
  3. Calgary
  4. Saskatchewan
  5. Toronto
  6. BC
  7. Winnipeg
  8. Hamilton
  1. Montreal (pains me to say it but class of the league after week 1)
  2. Edmonton (surprisingly good - will only get better with the distraction of Lumsden gone)
  3. Saskatchewan (won a high school caliber football game, a few flashes of quality - still a win is a win)
  4. Winnipeg (lost a sqeeker to a surprisingly good esks team at home with poor field conditions)
  5. Toronto (a win is a win but…)
  6. Calgary (biggest diapointment of the week, was beaten by a supeior team - didn’t look at all like championship material
  7. BC (see #3 above )
  8. Hamilton (Come on guys! the entire league is rooting for you, and that’s the best you can muster at home??!!)

I did really well picking the runners-up ... http://cfl.ca/article/robertson-headlin ... f-the-week

Offense - Jamall Richardson ( runner-up Dressler )
Defence - Stevie Baggs
Sp. Teams - Damon Duval ( runner-up Ryan )
Canadian - Adriano Belli ( runner-up Nowacki )

No power rankings in week 1 -- they waited until week 2 before they stuck their necks out and made any predictions:

CFL on TSN Power Rankings (Last updated: July 14)

[1] Montreal (Last Week: -)
[2] Saskatchewan (Last Week: -)
[3] Winnipeg (Last Week: -)
[4] Edmonton (Last Week: -)
[5] Toronto (Last Week: -)
[6] Hamilton (Last Week: -)
[7] Calgary (Last Week: -)
[8] B.C. (Last Week: -)

Doesn't that just look a lot like the leaguewide point standings?

Power rankings are always going to look like the actual point rankings at the start of the year.

I was waiting for Turkeybend to put the Ottawa Renegades ahead of the Lions and Stamps this week! :wink: :wink: :wink: