Week 1 - Calgary



[i]Montreal at Calgary

Both teams looked dreadful in their respective last exhibition games and normally I would not consider that an issue because they are exhibition games, But, Troy Smith was physically inaccurate with his passes and the combination of Drew Tate and Bo Levi Mitchell were no more efficient. Pure football logic says both teams will have better quarterback play working with the starters in preparation throughout the week and a repeat of last week's performances should not happen. This one should be either a single touchdown win or even only a field goal, and I do like Calgary to create the win. Excellent special teams battle Saturday afternoon at McMahon Stadium. Larry Taylor, the former Stampeder on one side for Montreal, against Jock Sanders - the best free agent pick up of 2014, a former rider and presently a Stampeder.

Calgary by no more than 6 -- maybe only 3.[/i]

Je crois que Shultz est très poli.

La bataille, ce sont les duels Dickenson c. Thorpe et Dinwiddie c. Stubler.

Les Stampeders ont l'avantage dans le duel Dinwiddie c. Stubler. Je crois que c'est là que la partie va se jouer. Et si c'est le cas, la marge sera par bien plus qu'un touché, car la défensive, si bonne pourrait-elle être, sera fatiguée en 2ième demie. C'est là que Cornish va leur courir dessus.

Shultz ne parle pas de Cornish dans son anaylse et c'est là sa principale erreur. Les Stampeders ont l'attaque au sol qu'il faut pour enlever de la pression sur leurs quarts. Nous verrons ce que les Alouettes peuvent avoir comme attaque au sol, surtout si Whitaker se blesse durant cette partie (je n'en serais pas étonné, compte tenu de tous les ennuis qu'il a eus au camp d'entraînement), mais elle ne se comparera pas à celle des Stampeders.

It will come down to how well the new Calgary offensive line can handle Thorpe's defense. He's right to expect a low scoring affair IMO.

No sure how true this is from the Winnipeg Sun Als preview, although Kirk Penton pretty credible, he was the Wpg. reporter at Als mini-camp.

Biggest loss: Calvillo is the obvious choice, but you can't overlook the loss of Shea Emry in free agency. He was a solid, dependable MLB, and he was a ratio-breaker to boot. Word out of Montreal is they might not be replacing Emry, but instead going with the rare 5-2 defensive front.

I’d call it more a 4-1-2. If we want to be accurate. The MLB becomes more of a Rover. Its innovative and you can fill the role with multiple guys based on what you want to defend.

I'm hoping he's right. I'm a bettor and took Montreal +7

I don't like your odds but it should be a nice payoff if it works out.

I'll be at practice tomorrow. New place near the old one.

Still a big empty N2 section for the home opener in 9 days. You suppose we'll crack 20,000 ? I sure hope so.

No odds..
I win if Montreal wins or loses by less than 7. If Calgary wins by more than 7 I lose. Push if it lands on 7

That’s just another way to name the existing scheme. Nothing really changes. Last year and this year, the MLB plays up on the line, sometimes like a fifth D-lineman but operating out of an open stance. I also agree with Hfx calling it a 4-1-2. Basically the MLB is a jack LB with a smaller set of responsibilities but a lot more places on the field where he can line up. The question isn’t what they’re calling it but whether Lavarias can get the job done until Woods is healthy.

Yeah sorry, meant to say spread.

Pour moi, la question est plutôt de savoir si Woods est capable de demeurer en santé.

Par ailleurs, je crois que Knapton pourra aussi avoir son mot à dire à cette position. C'est un gaillard assez mobile aussi.

You're right, and they've used Knapton in that capacity too. Wonder who they'll use to start the season. I mentioned Lavarias because Woods is on the 6-game IR, so it'll be quite a while before he'll even be ready to assume that role again.

I just watched LaPolice's assessment of Troy Smith and it was interesting to note the many instances during the last preseason game when Smith flat-out just didn't see an open receiver. On that broken play in which he was almost sacked but finally heaved it to Carter for a big gain, London was actually open earlier in the sequence. If Smith finds him with a quick throw, it's a first down without all the running around and the histrionics.

So I'm not going to haul RD over the coals just yet. Hard to assess his playbook when the QB is not checking down properly. As for Smith, I hope he's working with the coaches on seeing the whole field from the pocket and knowing when to dump the ball off underneath. And obviously on his accuracy.

Yeah that was a great piece by Lapolice.

Its going to be a process... He will have some great games and games where he stinks the joint. That could happen for the next two seasons.

I can put up with the stinkers if he can show better and ultimately the balance is in our favour. I still don't think a QB with such a low completion percentage is going to succeed long-term in this league. This isn't '90s sandlot football, or your father's CFL.

Oui, mais en même temps, c'est à Dinwiddie et ses comparses de bâtir une attaque qui convient à Smith. Smith va avoir de meilleurs résultats s'il a moins à passer.

Le meilleur exemple qui me vient en tête est ce que Cortez a fait l'an dernier avec l'attaque des Roughriders. Oui, cela passait d'abord par Sheets, mais il demeure que Cortez a compris que pour que Durant aie du succès, il lui faut une attaque au sol très solide. Et avec Sheets sous la main, il a conçu et dirigé cette attaque avec brio. À mon sens, jamais Durant n'aurait eu ce genre de saison sans une telle attaque au sol.

Je trouve que c'est ce genre d'attaque qui conviendrait pour Smith, mais nous n'avons pas les joueurs (porteurs) ni les entraîneurs pour la bâtir. Du moins, pas encore.

Great points, LeStaf. Although if Whitaker is healthy and when Sutton comes off the IR, we have a pretty good one-two punch at RB. We don't have a Cortez on staff (sob), but we have the RB horses and we certainly have the O-line. So if we can't run the ball, it falls squarely on the coaches to me.

The thing with Durant (like Burris) is that the scrambling is a side dish. It isn't the main course, if you know what I mean. In this league, I don't care who you are or how mobile you are; you HAVE to be able to make good pre-snap reads, stand in the pocket, and deliver the ball where it needs to be most of the time. Scrambling is a nice weapon in your pocket but it is not viable as a primary method of attack. Defences have become much more sophisticated in the past seven or eight years alone. Same is true for the NFL. The guys who look to run first (RGIII) are not nearly as successful as the guys who can run but who are always thinking pass first (Russell Wilson). Damon Allen was an anomaly and he would not be able to survive in today's CFL.

With play action and a good running game, if he can complete some long throws here and there, it should work out fine. If they try to run a west coast style offense. They will fail him.