Week 1 Attendance

Nourished greatly by Vancouver's 34,000+ - haven't seen so many people at a Lions game since the early days of dome.

Winnipeg, as expected was a strong 2nd, putting 26,000 (announced) bums in the stands. Don't care if Wad Miller had to paper 1,000 or 1,500 it was a darn good look for the Big Blue.

Mosaic looked a tad empty but right up there with Winnipeg. Gas costs prolly having a slight impact on travel within the province.

Calgary was a Dead Man's Paradise. Maybe 20,000, more like 16,500 to 17,500 actual walking dead making their way to antiquated McMahon.

If the Young Canadians (Nate Rourke, Mikey O'Connor & Art Bergmann) can keep bringing down the rain. BC might not only win but they might lead the league in attendance. They should - there's over 4 million in the region vs. barely 650,000 in Winnipeg (and remember of that 650k in Wpg. you have to factor in many of them are deadbeats, street zombies, ex-cons, beggars, grifters, nervous wrecks & bi-pods)

NOTE: I predicted 23,500 to 24,500 in the Winnipeg gallows for Game 1 so Miller beat me on that deal, Basically, Miller has to keep IGF at around 25,000+ for the Bombers to be in the chips. They will have a couple games in the 22,500 to 23,500 range but this wasn't one of them. Miller also has his sights set on a possible 27,000 to 28,000 attending the western final - if the Bombers get on another roll. Why won't they?


Why is this necessary? Why are you insulting the ppl that actually made it to the game?

And sask and peg get a pass on gas costs and such but not cgy…I see…


That's not a good sign for fans in Winnipeg and Regina if they can't pack the venues in June.

Cost of living can be a factor in this one.

Hopefully attendance improves next time for both of those teams.


Wonderful night in Vancouver. 35,000 new ownership, terrific Canadian QBing, roof open and a GREAT band.

I wonder what that group charged for a one off. Some one on here mused $500,000 but I'm more inclined to be at the $250 range,


At least your population wasn’t accused of being deadbeats, street zombies, ex-cons, beggars, grifters, nervous wrecks and bi-pods!

I also would like to point out that there already is an attendance thread that has been ongoing for a little while.


Hopefully attendance does pick up in all cities. With the cost of living at the moment it will be interesting to see if the tv ratings are up.


Min. $250k + all costs (hotel, food, travel, beverages, etc.) - but maybe as high as $350,000. They also got game tickets in the loges to watch Nasty Nate Rourke dissect the Elks.

Given the circumstances (covid, gas costs, short schedule last year) it isn't bad. Neither is 20,000 in Calgary for the kind of inferior ball they've recently presented.
Gone are the days Winnipeg draws 33,000 (capacity), Just not enough pro football fans in town - plus rural fan base declining due to gas costs. Hopefully a temporary condition!
Regina may still hit its 32,000 number on occasion cuz they have a larger season ticket base than the Bombers.
I remember Commonwealth in the Ron Lancaster Don Chevrier, Steve Armitage days with 45,000 to 50,000 fans yelping and roarin' in the halcyon days of the Eskimos.

Calgary, even when fielding championship teams (Flutie, Liske, etc.) was really never more than a 26,000 to 28,000 market.

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(and remember of that 650k in Wpg. you have to factor in many of them are deadbeats, street zombies, ex-cons, beggars, grifters, nervous wrecks & bi-pods)

Why are you calling out my entire family?? Sheesh


Which group do you belong too? I've got the 'nervous wrecks' look down pat. They think I'm one of them when actually I'm more of a street zombie.

I can eat more brains that way.


You never know these days but I think the CFL is back on decent financial footing - especially given the enhanced fan participation opening weekend.

Hamilton, Montreal & Ottawa are drawing well in smallish stadiums. Winnipeg & Regina seem destined for mostly 25,000 to 28,000 attendance. BC is racing uphill, hopefully they don't suddenly run outta gas. Edmonton now a desperation market after so many "have years". Elks will be hard-pressed to maintain crowds of 19,000 to 22,000 unless someone flips the switch.
That leaves Calgary. Stamps are now the step-sisters of the giant pros, the NHL Flames. They can withstand crowds of 20,000 - but for how long. Certainly no more than 2 or 3 more years - at that point the crowds might drop to 12 to 15,000 in protest.
Too much money tied up in a semi-infirm 33 yr old pivot (Bo) that prevents more money on great WRs, DBs, DB grunts, etc. Makes a big difference if your big money man isn't earning his keep. Thats what I believe Stamps fans are saying.

OOOPs. forget the big one.
Toronto - don't know what their season ticket base is but it better be over 10,000 or they're gonna flail again. Lucky they've got the biggest money sports group in Canada backing them (MLSE) but the bad side is its run by Tannenbaum who evidently now hates the CFL with a fury.
I don't think Toronto will see many crowds over 16,000 - and if their base tickets isn't 9,500 they'll have a few 11,000 to 12,000 outings. It will look like 5,000 to 7500 cuz many Toronto season ticket-holders are "I-Don't-Give-a-Damners"

As much as I wish the Argos well, I seriously doubt they have anywhere close to 10K season ticket holders...

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While Winnipeg has it's share of "deadbeats" etc, Vancouver leads the country in that department as far as I'm concerned...

Stamps attendance should be fine.

They've got a good home schedule this year, with 8 of 9 games being played on Friday or Saturday. Should be a really good crowd for Week 3 with EDM in town.

There aren't a lot of options for live sports in Calgary during the Summer and early fall. I really don't think the Stamps will see their attendance drop to the 12-15k range

Pretty sure Toronto season ticket accounts are less than 5k. They're most certainly less than Montreal which was around the 6k mark last year.

Hahaha, Thats why it has the highest priced housing in Canada. And is always on the most livable cities list.

I’m not sure how a city can have the highest priced housing and at the same time be one of the most livable cities.

Its true. Don't need a car. Every street has a view. Can live right down town. built for bikes and predestrians..
Try going and look at it again. And stay downtown by the beach. moderate climate, For every high priced food outlets there are 2 alternative

That’s all good but where do you live if you’re not a millionaire?

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in a 2 br 600 sq. foot condo.
If you need a house and a yard and a truck and a car then stay in Winny or Edm