Week 09 - Saskatchewan @ BC

Game thread time I guess

Lots of speculation that Lulay will start. I don't think he will, but who knows. BC going into a bye next week might want to test the waters. Rider game plan remains the same: John Chick

But in all seriousness...BC's O has been looking very good. They know they are up against a D that is playing mountains better than last time they met though. BC has the type of O and the QBs that can sting you deep, and the Riders have shown they are susceptible to that. Brack cheats up lots, and Glenn will be looking for that...if he can get 4-5 seconds, he is a QB that can sting this D bad deep.

Will be interesting to see if the Riders try to gut Messem into those BC LBs or if they will utilize Allen more on the edges. Logic would say to do a couple sweeps and screens early to keep the LBs on their feet and then charge the middle. BC has the perfect D to run twin back set against IMO.

I think this will be a breakout game and feel DD will put up some larger numbers...not that 220 yards is a "bad" day against Montreal's secondary. I think these sweeping routes with Swain are going to pay dividend this week.

BC is a tough place to win, and should be almost playoff like atmosphere...looking forward to what I think could be the best game of the week.

I would be a bit surprised if they started Lulay unless Glenn is too hobbled up. I think they start Glenn otherwise and see if he can perform. Lulay may be deemed fit to play but having not any real game time flow it may not be wise to test the waters against Chick and Co. TBrack would love to knock the stuffing out of Lulay on a blitz. Glenn as I mentioned is a bit banged up and even though he is a basic pocket passer his mobility may be even less so they will be keeping an eye on him. If he can use the running game and quick hitters effectively then not much reason to risk starting Lulay. If Glenn gets popped then it may be interesting to see if the Lions really are comfortable at putting Lulay in that situation. Chick is a great guy at getting to the quarterback but he doesn't often punish them when they go down. George though is not so nice and I don't think he would intentionally injure a quarterback but at the same time he isn't going to throttle down either.

If the game is a blow out either way Lulay probably would see a few reps just to get some rust off. Nothing risky mind you if something is open then go for it otherwise throw it away. I just cant imagine them wanting him running the ball in any circumstance.
You never know but If I was Wally would I want to take the chance against the team that has the most sacks especially if Glenn is good enough to play? Hmm I'm thinking no.

Yeah, I tend to think Glenn starts, but he and Lulay have split reps this week so far.

I think this game could be a little bit chippy. The Riders know that a second loss to BC would not be a good thing and of course that is what the Lions want to accomplish.

Keys for the Lions success: Run game, quick hitters, screens or sweeps. Pressure Durant and stop the run.

Keys for the Riders success: taking away all the above. Make them hold onto the ball and try to go deep. Yes the Riders are suspect IF the quarter back has time, but that is the big if and plays into our strength of the D line. If they can take away the nickle and dime stuff and do a reasonable job of covering deep then the D line could have a field day.

Offensively we need to mix things up. Yes ball control and time of possession are important but the offense needs to put up points. I can't see the defense holding the Lions under 17 points that means we also must score more then just field goals.

If our offense could have a break out game that would force the Lions to abandon the run and short stuff and that again would play into the D lines wheel house.

Have to play a clean game and not put ourselves in bad situations with dumb penalties.

Last game BC played in Regina, BC used a combination of quick hitters and rush, to help reduce the effectiveness of our DLine. Glenn ended up 16 for 27 for 170 yards, and Logan/Harris rushed for 185 yards. As a result, the Rider defence ended up with only 2 sacks. With our offence struggling, BC’s game plan will be to win time of possession… So I don’t think they will change up their game plan much. They are going to go out and make the Riders shut them down… They will try to grind it out, try to play mistake free football, try to tire out the defence, and see if the Rider offence can do anything…

If the Riders offence can break out, BC will go to the aerial attack and test linebackers and secondary.

IMO, this game can go 2 ways. It will be a slow, ground/pound run game affair, or it could be an aerial offensive show… And that is going to be dictated on which Rider offence shows up…

Hmmm, if I've done my calculations right, we should see our once a year trick play this game. Of course the last couple of years Sask considers a direct snap a trick play.

have to agree here…and I dont think they have even used a direct snap yet (they should do this with Messam). Not much for trick plays, and they have been hinting at it…though I did predict it would happen on labor day :cowboy:

In fairness, in the first meeting the secondary was giving 8 yard cushions and still bringing heat. if you are going to go all out on the QB you can’t play that far back…they fixed that over the bye week. I could see issues stopping Logan up the gut, and could see Kilgore being brought in.

Not sure how we will do against BC, can we beat them yes! Can we crush them yes! Will we is the big question. The D can keep them low score, but will our O come out big, that's the big question! I can only hope DD has a big game and our pass game starts producing. With Getz, Bagg and T Smith we should put some TD's on the boards. Going to be a great game! Can't wait!

We lost by 13 last time around. Huge effort required. First and foremost we just got to squeak out a win and get out with 2 points. I don't think we can even get concerned trying to cover off 13+ points to put the tie break in our favour.

What we can't change is the lousy game we played against these guys 5 weeks back. huge road win for BC. And they set the stage to have the tie break in their favour. Fair enough.

It'll be very tough. Must stop Harris and Logan. Both are dangerous and they can go either way. Run or pass to both? Tough assignment here for our front 7.

Two QB's. We saw Lulay get a few reps last week. Glenn will start and will handle most of the game but be ready for Lulay and slight variations to their packages.

Our offence has to play better. has to get some drives going and we need to establish field position. last game BC won field position by getting 1st downs, Ricky Schmitt, etc. They enjoyed a short field most of the day. I think Paul hit 3-4 FG's.

Milo and Bartel need to be better. They were both not up to par last week and we got away with it. If Martel does nopt hang the ball, position his punts..........they have a capabale returner. When Milo is asked to deliver 3 points we are going to need them.

Not worried about the defence. Only worried they end up playing too many minutes and that we give BC too many opportunities. Yes......pound Messam. His body type is built to fall forward and gain 4 yards a carry! Depop mentioned Allen earlier and is Ford a little banged up and they are going with fresh legs. If so, Allen I have to assume is just chomping to get the ball back in his hands after being shelved for a month.

Huge test for our O-line. BC D line is awesome. The interior guys are very solid. It will be very tough to establish a run. But they need to find a way. And once you clear the line you have Elimineam and Bighill...........very tough LB's.

It is a big game in the standings for both teams. The team closer to perfection on all phased wins. Every little bit counts so preparation is going to be a difference. I just hope its our coaches and players better prepared and executing 99.9%

no, I think Ford is fine...i just think Allen is better at hitting the edges and is a better WR. In all likelihood they use Ford...I just liked the idea of going twin back then hurry up and rolling him out as a 5th WR for the mismatch. Don't think that they will actually do that...just something that would be cool and likely effective.

It drives me nuts sometimes. Another thing that drives me nuts is ever since the Banjo Bowl game last year and got stopped on 3 rushing attempts to get into the endzone from the one yard line, we now completely shy away from 3rd down gambles and even at times where it is less than a yard. With a big back like Messam, we have to be going for those. It will do wonders for their confidence. In the Canadian football game, where the defense lines up a yard away, it is nearly inexcusable to not go for those.

To further add hype to this game, the President of the BC Lions has now guaranteed a win! I think this will definitely add more fans in the seats as part of the guarantee includes a free ticket voucher to a remaining BC home game if the Lions do not win on Sunday. We all know that BC can get very loud, so the Rider offence better get ready with the silent snap count....

I hope the offence can start executing at a high level. This should be a good game! Both teams have extra motivation now....

some of those decisions have been in tight games where field position was key to the game, but I do agree with you. With Ford, perhaps not, but Messam, yes. And yeah…when you are trying to ignite your O…things like this are HUGE…even if you don’t make it.

So the Lions president has just guaranteed a win. If not fans get a free ticket to one of 4 next home games. Yes its a marketing ploy no doubt but great bulletin board material for the Riders.

Man if the team needed motivation then if this doesn't do I don't know what would. I would not want to be Glenn or Lulay facing a even more fired up Riders D. Really really hope the Riders not only win but lay such a beat down on the Lions BC place is empty of Lions fans by half time.

:thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin:

I think it is great promotion, and the Rider's advert is a log on the fire to. It has people talking like mad here, and sounds like it is there as well. Win or lose the Lions should have a heck of a crowd and TV ratings...my money says will be best of the season thus far. I have bumped into a few people who don't watch it often but are tuning in because of the hype. Well done to both sides!

Korey Williams out of WR rotation, Alex Pierzchalski in (likely because of Hurl)
Korey Williams listed #3 for returning...likely 1 of 2 out of 44/46 roster
Spencer Moore out, Allen in.
Kilgore starting, Peters outside, Hurl 1 gamed

I like the move with Allen, I think the Riders know they are going to have to pound at the line to keep BC honest in this one. Messam has taken minimal reps this week, so having Allen there is smart. I am going to stray off the path and say Allen gets action in mid 2nd and does really well.
I like having a National WR backup.
I like Kilgore getting the nod. Hurl has played VASTLY better...impressively for the most part...after the first few games, which were sub-par, but Kilgore, IMO, has a better chance of plugging Logan/Harris.

Thought Brown would be back...disappointing.

I noticed Allen is back in. Can we assume that what ever Chamberlin and him were butting heads over is done? I can only assume they were butting heads because essentially benching a player for five games over a fumble is harsh (yes I know he has two but one was a helmet on the ball fumble and that pretty much makes anyone fumble). Heck Taj violated the terms of his release and was suspended one game and then had to "earn his position back" in the eyes of Chamberlin. That took just a little over a quarter for Taj to redeem himself.