Week 08 Montreal @ Saskatchewan

Not the week to become unfocussed.

The Riders had a long road trip and are finally home...which is great...Go enjoy your friends and family and then show up ready to practice...because it was a fortunate W last week....and Montreal had a fire lit under them in the second half last week...

the Macho Man Victor Harris needs to refocus and get away from too many trail positions. I rather like Harris and think he is a solid defender...but he has been exposed a few times in the past couple of games. He is presently the weak spot in the Rider Secondary....but that is not saying much because they are pretty darned solid and he is still a solid player.

Mark LeGree has looked fn good out there...perhaps they will rotate him in more.

Kilgore...supposedly he is back for the game and dressing, but I don't think he has been practicing yet.

And...lol...do we put all the current Rider RBs in a hat along with a few others to predict the featured back?

It was an brutaul game for Harris. Tried to cover his mistakes with interception attempts but got burned instead. I'd sit him out a game, especially as we play the ALS.

Not sure I would sit him, but rotate roles with LeGree for a game...extra DB.

LeGree seems to be crazy fast and always seems to be where the ball is hen he does get in. In limited action he has 3 interceptions! He seems to have earned a crack IMO, and Harris is perhaps just trying too hard to make the big play right now. If it is not working out, pretty easy to rotate Harris back in there. I do question his tackling prowess, but don't really know until we see, and that can be worked on.

No way Macho sits. He's a good player. Nobody has a perfect game week in week out. Let's not forget LeGree's first pick was all Macho making a tremendous tip ball.

And I agree, this LeGree is a real athlete. He's got serious wheels and is a playmaker.

One of the reasons Harris has looked "bad" is that he is getting a lot of balls thrown his way. The main reason for that is that the rest of the secondary is lock down. Maze maybe got 2 throws his way last game, and one was a pic 6. I think Harris is good, but I think he sometimes can take a risk that he doesn't need to, he learns to minimize those risks and he'll be just fine.

If you had the choice to throw to recievers covered by Maze, Brown, Williams, Harris, Brackenridge or Jackson, while knowing that predominantly the throws go to SB's (so probably one of Harris, Brown, and Maze) I'd be choosing Harris to go to as well.

I wouldn't sweat it if I was Richie Hall. . . Troy Smith can't hit a receiver anyway, even if he is open. . . at least, not very often anyway.

Totally agree…like I said, he is a solid player. When the play of Harris seems to be the biggest concern in the secondary you should be pretty jazzed up about the secondary, because he has not been playing poorly…simply he is the one normally attacked because he is (at the moment) the weaker spot of an amazing secondary. I like the idea of playing LeGree now instead of after an injury or something when he “needs” to play. Right now you can give him some serious downs and a team will ‘test out the new guy’ for the exact same reasons you mention they throw at Harris. If he struggles…no concern…you simply rotate Harris back to main DB and LeGree to extra DB. If he looks good maybe you keep it as is, maybe you don’t. Worst case is that you attempt to address the point teams are attacking while testing out a new player and providing him some experience for when he needs it.

So Smith is out an Brink is in as the starter. Too bad as while Brink will probably not fair any better but Smith was easy pickings for the Riders D. Still think the Riders win fairly easy just as long as the players don't go to sleep and think the same thing. How bad would it be to lose in our own barn against a poorly performing Al's team? I hope the defense goes just as hard at the first of the game as they have in the previous three and squash any glimmer of hope the Al's might have in the first quarter. Offense just has to be better all around and play more disciplined and not be taking stupid penalties that put us in a bad situation or kills drives. The defense has manned up now it is time for the offense to do the same. Montreal still has a pretty good defense so they will try and hold the dam from breaking. It's up to the offense to bust that sucker wide open and let the flood waters come pouring in.

Lets not forget the trash talk from Chad Johnson to Brackenridge either...should be a fun game to watch!! :slight_smile: :thup:

Big fires have been lit under many a arses for the Als…hope they don’t get ahead of themselves in this game, because it could very very easily become a trap game.

I agree this could easily be a trap game but only if the Riders let it. I look for the Al's D to try and take the crowd out of it early and that's like I said why the offense needs to step up and not allow that to happen. I would think the Montreal players know the situation isn't good and some could be playing for their jobs all ready. Riders need to play hard and smart and get the Als down early if they don't Montreal will start to gain momentum and confidence. Heck they don't have much to lose so look for some trick plays and they will not just simply hand the win to the Riders.
The Riders need to be all business right off the hop and realize that its two points they should have. Losing to another East team could have some serious implications down the road as far as a playoff spot goes. On paper the Riders should win easily its up to the players though to make it a reality.

I agree that the offence needs to step up early, and put some points on the board. Rider fans must also realize that Montreal has a decent defense... So it won't be easy. The offence (and I really mean the passing game) does need to start going though. They will not win many games against Western Division teams without a decent pass attack. I hope Cortez draws up a game plan to get some quick hitters, hitch screens and quick slant passes to get the passing game fired up and give Durant some confidence in his new receivers and work on timing. If the Riders can get 5 yards every offensive play, it will be a long night for the Alouettes

I can't see the Riders losing this one! The D is playing like beasts, all of them. Special teams are playing well. My only concern is our offence. 1/3 of season gone, the excuss of finding chemistry with DD's receivers is long past. Willy had all new receivers to work with and he worked it out. Time for DD to step up, as a vet it should be easier for him don't you think. Messem played well last game lets see what he does on sat. Should be a good game!

Well I hope the Riders were watching the Bomber-Argos game. On paper the Bombers should have won but Ray and company showed this game isn't played on paper. Golden opportunity to jump ahead of the Bombers in the standings with a win on Saturday now they just need to go out and execute. I agree StormRider1 it is time for the passing game to get out of neutral and start moving. The all new receivers excuse is getting a bit old and besides look at what Ray has had to adjust too. No starting receivers from the start of the season and yet he found guys open tonight. Sure the Bombers d may have been a bit gassed thanks to the Rider game but still Ray did produce. It's now time for Durant and CO to step up and do the same.

Taj Smith has been reactivated for this game so again another familiar face in the crowd. I can hear all the howling on TSN forums about Taj being allowed to play. All I can say he better keep his freaking nose squeaky clean or it will be curtains for him for sure. Enough is enough all ready.

Willy hasn’t worked anything out…teams are working Willy out…they have footage, and he needs to shift his game a little. My fear for Willy is whether he has anyone who can guide his growth…sorry, but I question Gene Dahlquist as a QB coach in the long run. Don’t get me wrong, I think Willy is a solid QB who could do great things…a lot of QBs don’t excel until they have the right QB coach (something I STRONGLY questioned with the Riders pre-season this year)

At any rate, the point is this…you often see a QB come out hot and cool off once there is some footage. The great QBs adapt…I think Willy will. Willy had no deep repertoire with receivers so he is going to adapt faster…DD did, and relied on those habits they had…that takes time to adjust when you lose that. If you have a key group of staff together…a team of a half dozen people that work closely under/with you… and 1/3 - 1/2 of that leaves, you are not going to get comparable results right away…that takes time. Same thing.

Hmmmm.... Toronto pounds the middle with run, and uses short slants, quick hitters and hitch screens to open the long passing game against Winnipeg. And then Ricky Ray throws 300 yards against Bomber defence. Hmmmm...

I agree Depop. The Riders should win, but no more excuses for the passing game. DD needs to start executing with the receiving corps.

i’ve had no big concerns with the passing game the past 3 weeks…even the 150 yard games. DD has not been forcing the ball…Cortez has him focusing on ball security because it had been becoming an issue. As the rhythm gets better…getz back…swain fitting in nicely and growing (he is only 2 games in)…schillens/taj figured out…you will see more stuff open up…and yes, i think we will see a touch of that this week. I think it is smart to that they have clearly told him to make the smart play and not force stuff…it will get him back on track. They have a top notch running game and a D that can pull things out for them…there is no need to force things passing…let it develop.

Ah but there’s the rub as I say Ray is starting from scratch with all new receivers and he sure he may not have had as much success as if he had the regulars but he did put up some good numbers tonight. I loved how he tip toed along the line of scrimmage and as he is going down he flips the ball to the receiver who then marches in for a td. How about the way he looked off the defenders by looking right, looking right, and guns it over the middle for the score that with 7 seconds left in the half. Ray has great down field vision and is always looking for the open target God I wish that is a skill Durant would pick up. Don’t get me wrong I am a big Durant supporter but he does need to elevate his game a notch or two. He did it last year and he is more then capable of doing it this year too, now he needs to go out and do it.

Just looked up league stats… Offensively, SSK is ranked 7th in first downs per game, 8th in passing yards per game, 9th in passing attempts per game, and 8th in Time of Possession (which I find the biggest surprise!).

I agree that our defence is playing lights out lately, but in order to really compete against Western teams, they are going to have to pick it up in those offensive areas. I too am glad that DD is not forcing the ball, but at some point, they are going to need the offence to push and I’m afraid they won’t be able to come through… In all fairness they have had 6 games to get this area developing, so the sooner the better in my opinion…

They’ve had 2 games with Swain and Getz back…not 6.
They have had 1 game with Schillens at #1WR
DD has had 2 games (1/3rd of the games played) at around 300 yards, 1 game played in a monsoon, a 37-9 game that they turned the passing game off because they had no need to use it, and a game where the Bombers gave him little to throw at.
they are a rush first team at the moment. They lead the league in rushing yards and have by far the least passing attempts/ They sit 6th in total offense, despite the fact that 2 teams ahead of them have played one more game.
Most importantly…they have went from sitting on the lower end in giveaway/takeaway to leading the league.

Am I saying the O is firing on all cylinders…of course not. But it is also far from broken and a hell of a lot better than in week 2 and 3. The train is moving in the right direction.