Week 07 - Riders at Bombers

Big game for both teams.
Interesting that it doesn't sound like the Riders are coming home for the week.

I like it personally. Players having to stay together in hotels and start coming together as a team, no going home and getting distracted. Players will be basically practicing and attending meetings thus keeping focus on football. Time to gel these guys into having a single minded mission, play smart, play hard, play to win. Smart move by Cory.

Agreed! :thup: :thup: :thup:

2 more sleeps! I can't wait to watch this game!

The Riders are getting in a groove defensively, and Winnipeg has one of the best offences in the league. So it should be even tilt. Although I won't predict the winning team, I am going to predict that the score will be close! Winner by 5 points.

Go Riders!

This will not be a blow out. I see the Riders winning this maybe by 10 points. It will all come down to who comes to play and who does not. Gonna be a great game!! Can't wait!

I think there are a few factors working against the Riders in this one. First the quick turn around and then to play against the league first place team who have not shown much weakness to this point in the season. Our offense is still a work in progress and with Taj out we lose one of DD's top go to guys. If we win I think it will be our defence that will carry the day - if we can maintain constant pressure and stop the run game Drew Willy could be kept off-stride. My prediction is that the Riders will lose by a field goal in an intense game. I hope I am wrong about the outcome - GO Riders!!!

I agree it's going to be a very tough game but I think its going to be the battle in the trenches on both sides of the ball that determines who comes out on top and if that is the case I give the riders the advantage. As long as the db's don't have any blown coverages (there were a few in the last game) then that should take away the big play. Riders by 3.

Schilens at Taj's spot. golden opportunity for him

Happy to see Pierzchalski get a go at it...kind of surprised that both Allen and Ford got the nod. I figured that would dress Ford and if need be Messam would take snaps, thus giving them and extra WR if Schilens struggles or something. Thought Bastien might get a look.

Rider Offence sputtered tonight but the defence picked em up! A huge win in Winnipeg in hostile territory. At the end of the day, the saying is that good teams find a way to win.... Well the Riders did just that tonight!

The adversity of the Taj Smith distraction, the short week for turn around game, and the noise of the Winnipeg fans did not deny the Riders of victory! They now have 9 days between their next game to iron out the kinks.

The Riders are going to have to work on the silent snap count and clean up the penalties... And although their next opponent is Montreal, they cannot take them lightly. Overall it's a good finish to the first third of the season. There is still work to do!

Go Riders!!!!

Yes it was not a pretty win and the defense really stepped up again. This win is all on them. Shultz was saying on TSN that the bombers should win because he didn't feel the Riders defense could get the turnovers against Willy and the bombers. Well 3 picks and a fumble against Willy isn't all that bad Two of those resulting in defensive scores. Chick once again was a beast again but the whole defensive line was very good. Still getting beat on the deep balls a little too often for my liking and hopefully they can clean it up. Offense was very erratic and just would get something going and get flagged or Durant couldn't move the ball. Still they didn't hurt themselves either by turning the ball over but the offense has to start firing at least on 6 cylinders because no matter how well the defense is not very often are you going to win many games counting on the defense to score points. Good road win especially on a short week and a hostile environment and the whole Taj distraction issue but still room for improvement. Now to get rested up and home against the Als and hopefully 4 wins in a row.

Bomber's D was great, but when the Rider D got a chance, they took advantage big time. One HUGE drive and the odd play aside, the Rider D was lights out.

Both O's seemed to simply not want to make the big mistake until the Bombers made one.

The penalties killed the Rider O. 1st and 20 how many times? 3rd and inches and a penalty is coaxed out by the Bomber sideline? The penalties, IMO, killed the Riders. 2 passes aside (a hopper that would have been 4 yards short on 2nd and 20) and a shoulda been INT I thought DD played fine...he took what he was given, which wasn't a lot, especially in the first half. 2 fast turnovers and a run game that was rolling...no need to pass after that. The call to pass on 2nd and 4 with 3 min left when Ford came in...really the only play that pissed me off. DD took what was there, made sound decisions, and just waited for opportunity.....opportunity came from the D.

THANK YOU JOHN CHICK! YOU ARE THE MAN! 3 QB SACKS TONIGHT! Every game he has been a force

Huge win! 1st half definitely not memorable but that 2nd half was exciting - finally a game that went down to the wire.
Love our D! O still not jelling but Messam sure looked good - big Canadian back like him could be what we need to keep this roll going. Chamblain was quite emotional after the game saying it was the toughest win he has experienced in his coaching career - I think maybe all of the penalties had something to do with that.

Speaking of penalties - is it just me or does it seem that the refs are taking the steam out of many games this year with over zealous penalty calls or maybe the players are just not playing to the rules - don't know but it sure makes the games drag when penalties are called every 2nd play.

Great game guys - I didn't think you could do it but you showed me wrong. Go Riders!

You're correct Depop the penalties killed the offence and while the players are somewhat at fault the crew officiating is with out a doubt the worst in the league , and DD took what was given in a tight chess match . Our denfence in particular the Dline was dominant , our special teams was good again Bartell did a good job kicking into the corners dulling their return game. All in all the only thing lacking was a passing game and we still won I would call that pretty damn good, oh yea a big shout out to the O line dominant in the second half , we owned both sides of the line of scrimage in the second half. Another good week of practice and come out play team football and winn like the champs you guys are.

I heard the riders are bringing in an old barn so DD can practice throwing through the doors

Well at least he didn’t turn the ball over like Willy did. 3 picks one returned for a td and a fumble also returned for a td plus another pick turned into a field goal. So I guess you could say it was -17 to 0 in favor of Durant. I know your a not a Durant fan so why not go and join the Willy camp in bomber land?

Yeah, not every one can repeatedly get away with throwing into double and triple coverage like Willy has this season...oh...never mind.