wednesday in ARGOLAND = low attendance

My point is that it WILL NOT HAPPEN , at all.The NFL is not stupid and they don't need another VAN. GRIZZLES , BLUE JAYS , RAPTORS or MONTREAL EXPOS. And why ruin a good thing in , BUFFALO?

The NFL already has a list of 12 other cities in the U.S. , who want teams.

If the NFL wanted to be here , then they would already be here , or they would be calling US.

And as far as a regular season game here , who would you pick?.....LONDON , with NO other PRO team , a new 100,000+ seat stadium and NFL EUROPE or the 54,000 seat R.C. with a PRO team and a poor track record of past ticket sales? :smiley:

The NFL don't want a team in Canada. They know that wouldn't be a money wise decision. However, they do want to play one game in here because they feel that would boost Canadian's attention to their game and make us buy more American TV feed (which in turn makes the NFL get bigger TV contracts).

They will probably come here, but I doubt it ever will be for more than one game.

I agree Third_and_Ten. One game will be all there is. Why would the NFL even want to risk a team in Toronto when it could potentially backfire if the Argos attract bigger crowds. Sort of like why would the NFL risk and exhibition game agains’t a CFL team, nothing to gain, just something to lose if they lose or don’t win by at least 30 points.

NFL team in Toronto will not happen, but there will be a regular season game in Toronto soon, without a doubt.

How do you know that? The 2 candidates are LONDON and TORONTO.

Are they doing to have vastley discounted tickets like the last time.?

I can see a BILLS regular season game here with people coming from BUFFALO , but that doesn't prove anything.

You are correct when you say that we would be selling our soul, if we ever got an NFL team. All we would be doing is importing an American branch plant that will kill all of our own. If the CFL were to disappear, then there would be no one playing football left in this country. At least now, players can play in high school, then in college with the knowledge that they may make the CFL. Take the CFL away, and they would definitely have to play college ball in the US to even get a look at by the pros. We would loses a good part of our identity.
I don't think this NFL thing will ever happen anyway, but this is what I think would happen if it did come to pass.

I am basing this on the fact that Tagliabue, at halftime of the Cards/49ers game, said, and I listened carefully, said that the mayor of Dusseldorf was there but that the next regular season game played outside the US would probably be played in North America. Well, only one city there as far as I know peddling themselves and that was Godfrey, Tanenbaum and company from Toronto. So this is why I believe you will see the game played in Toronto rather than London.

Reason for attendance low, two words : "Maple Leafs"

And that is one reason, among others, why the NFL will probably never have a team in Toronto, they will never be able to be the no. 1 team with the Leafs there as the no. 1 team almost assuredly.

If I was MLSE, I would build a 30,000 seat arena for the Leafs, they would still pack the place.

I Can't Beleave What I'm Reading. First Of All The Raptors Are Doing Fine, The NBA Competes Very Smartly With Both The nFL And NHL And They Look At Small Market Teams And Sort Of Bush League Attendance Compared To Other Teams In Large Markets Such As New York And Chicago. The Raptors Can Afford To Be In Forth Place In The TV Ratings (Although I Think They're Ahead Of The Jays) And Still Make A Good Profit. The NBA Is A Sponsorship Driven League That Relys More On Their Image Then Their Ratings.

Unlike The CFL, The nFL Is A Winter League, Meaning Two Things. One Is That The Entire Season Is Spent Competing With NHL, Which In Toronto That's A Battle They Will Lose. The CFL Only Competes With The NHL During The First Part Of The Season And It's The CFL's Playoffs So You Don't Get A Lot Of People Who Will Stop Watching Football One Day A Week To Watch Hockey That Doesn't Mean Anything For Another 5 Months. My Second Point Is That As Long As It Takes For This Global Warming To Kick In. The nFL Will Never Have The Super Bowl In A Northern City, Except For Seattle.

Lastly I Want To Bring Up Last Weekends Mexico City Game. I Can't Beleave Nobody's Brought This Up Yet. Biggest Crowd In The History Of Professional Sports In North America. The CFL Should Be Looking Into Expansion There And The nFL Should Be Looking At Moving The Cardinals There. That's Prof That Toronto Isn't Too High On The nFL's Priority List, And There Are A Lot More Deserving Cities, If You Can Call Getting An nFL Team A Reward.

the raptors ( carter-less ) will be gone within 6 years....the attendance has dropped over the last 2 years, and now will be abysmal without vince carter or any other 'star' player....the NBA is a league that DEPENDS on superstars....toronto gave its star away for free.

IMO, Carter was too “injury” prone to be a star. . .talent abounds in him, yes, but I do not agree with anyone who calls him a star. How many complete seasons did he put in during his tenure with the Raptors anyway?

I see that the Blue Jays 2006 Home schedule was released the other day and is on their website. There should be no excuses for making the CFL, Argos and the fans across the country wait for the football schedule next year. Let's see how much Godfrey and his group want to co-operate with the Argos next year.

I agree with my buddy argofan4life. The Argos are the little brother in TO that gets the short end of the stick; the only team in TO that does not have ties to the USA leagues. Is there a connection there??? Absolutely. I cannot believe I am going to say this, being a TiCat diehard, but here goes; TO DOES NOT DESERVE THE ARGOS. How bout moving the Argos to London or give the Roughie fans a chance to implode by putting the Argos in Saskatoon. Or how bout moving them to St John's to give the future Halifax team some local rivalry???

Piff Whatever, The Argos Still Get The Highest Attendance Numbers Per Game Out Of Any Team In This City, And That's From The 5 Of The Major Leagues In North America, 6 If You want To Count Soccer Which Nobody Does. Thanks To The NHL Lockout And Rather Cheap Tickets For Football The Argos Are Really On A Bounce Back From The 2002 Days Of 15 000 Turning Out To See Them Play. Now The Only Team Drawing That Few Is The Blue Jays (Serves Them Right)

the CFL will grow in T.O., as it has for the last few years.....until the DOME is FULL

whatever??? that is the best you can do Bamboo. Your points are laughable! the Leafs and Raptors both play in a 20000 seat arena and the Argos play in a 50000 seat arena. So, it stands to reason that the Argos would outsell the others. Do you really believe that we are all idiots and don't get that? It is obvious. If the truth be known, the Leafs should be in a 50000 seat arena and the Argos should be in a 20000 seater. The leafs would outsell the Argos easily.
See, you shoot yourself in the foot there bamboo when you explain why the Argo attendance is up. You explain that because of the lockout and cheaper Argo seats, that their attendance is on the rise. Nowhere do you mention the fact that the Argos are a contender. Another team's situation has to go bad for the Argos to reap the benefits. That is why I believe the city does not appreciate and therefor does not deserve the Argos.

Hamilton's seat prices went up, the losses stacked up and the fans still came out to cheer them on. Reminds me of the Roughrider fans; TRUE FANS!

yah cant wait :smiley:

for what mishonabi? The Argos to leave town? lol

no to get packed in the rogers centre! :smiley:

toronto better beat the worried, now they have Davis....