wednesday in ARGOLAND = low attendance

24 886 is the number who turned out to lastnites WEDNESDAY game against ottawa.

24 637 is the number who turned out for WEDNESDAY, august 24th against calgary....

those are the LOWEST numbers for toronto all year.....

one POSITIVE way of lookin at this is, this years WEDNESDAY LOWS of 24 000 are about last years AVERAGE in toronto of 24 000.... ( excluding playoffs ).

so the argos are doing well, and should draw better next year after this strong season in '05.....hopefuly they dont get such a bad schedule and can work around jays home games better.

it's interesting lookin at the attendance increase thoughout the league ( everywhere but ottawa...but they have reasons )....i wonder how it'll be NEXT YEAR????

can't wait til montreal renovates percival to make capacity 25 000 ( from current 20 202 ), and the gliebs work out the kinks in ottawa during the offseason to increase attendance!!

Excuses! Argos do not draw more fans because thats all there are, just kidding hellothere before you get your knickers in a knot. Argos need a new stadium out in the burbs where the fans are. Am I right Argofan4life? Downtown is not the place for many reasons which I have stated before. downtown is for clubbing/high end theatre and dining, drunks and murders, not football.
What is Hamilton's excuse for averaging 27000 with a 2-10 record. Nothing! Real fans who love football without all the extraneous hype!

I would agree with your sentiment, diehard. I also think they need to get away from the 'Dump (aka "The House of Godfrey" )just because you can't trust that creep with his hand in Rogers' pocket and his nose up Tagliabue's a**. But a large part of the Argo fanbase is out in the burbs. The problem with that is a lot are east of Toronto, and a lot are west of Toronto. They would have to be careful with their choice of location.

Riders All The Way!!!

Do all teams announce the attendance at the game, or is it something you read in the paper? (In edmonton they announce it in the 3rd/4th quarter)

They really need to make a better scdular for next saeson, unless they want to run the argos out and get an NFL team, which is fuck ed up!


BOTH......... HAMILTON and TORONTO had their problems drawing flies 2 years ago.The HAMILTON owner did a GREAT JOB getting the HAMILTON fans did the ARGOS new owners. BUT , I wish MR. PAUL Godfrey idiot , would shut up about an NFL team coming to TORONTO......... :roll: DREAM ON , PAUL........That ship has sailed.....and after those EX NFL game disasters , the NFL must think that you are a NUT. :roll:

The question remains , how low will both cities support a losing team for a number of years.?

To me , those are GREAT numbers for 2 changed dates............. :smiley:

This will not happen next year........ :wink:

but whats promising, is that NO LESS then 24 000 will come to argo games.

unfortunatly NO MORE than 32 000 have come to argo games

The real question will be the attendance numbers for the Thanksgiving Day game against Edmonton. How many guys will tell their wives or family, "I'll be a little late for dinner 'cause I'm taking in the Argo game"? Of course, those in Detroit and Dallas usually have the same problem every year.

im goin to that game....its 1 in the afternoon on the MONDAY, so i hope theres a big crowd

It Shouldn't Really Make A Difference, Like D-G Said It Should Be Over By 4:00, That's Enough Time To Make The Family Dinner. I Have One Friend That Cancelled On Me But I Replaced Him With Someone Else. I Think The Main Reason On Making The Game When It Is Is To Encourage TV Ratings.

Most Papers Have It At The Bottom Of The Game Stats In The Essential Numbers Page (Useaully The Last One In The Sports Section) It'll Be Underneath The Game Stats. At The Bottom There Will All The Players Stats Then The Last Line Will Look Something Like:
T-2:50, A-27,556 (29,002)
The T Stands For Time And The A Is The Attendance.

The T.V. ratings will be huge........I am going to this game and then to my mom's for dinner afterwords.

they BETTER be huge ratings....

imagine the ratings when halifax gets a team.....thats all the altlantic provinces population suporting and watching the CFL.

that will boost CFL ratings by atleast 150 000 per game....
so a normal CFL game gets a rating of 540 000...when atlantic canada focuses its attention on televised CFL games, that rating will be bumpped to
690 000 .....

a halifax team would provide more t.v. ratings bump ( imo ) than any other 10th franchise market could.

Remember....ACADIA , ST.MARY'S ect........are hugley popular out their.
Allot of people follow the NFL's , N.E. PATS..........BUT , there is nothing like having a PRO team and since there is no PRO HOCKEY TEAM , the CFL should be a huge hit and help the EAST coast feel part of the rest of CANADA.

People underestimate just how important the CFL is in breaching regional differences.The CFL, is not only a great game.......but is very important to our cultural make up as a country.Some thing , that sadly the MEDIA in TORONTO, just doesn't seem to get , some times.Some times they think that impressing the U.S. or copying them, is the way to is kind of pathetic. :roll:

I agree. We have a bit of an inferiority complex, always comparing ourselves to our neighbours to the south.

But as for these Wednesday dates, keep in mind that it was the Argos' decision to remain at SkyDome. That decision has its advantages, but also has its drawbacks. Sure they can get 30,000 people or more, and they are central to all the suburbs east, west and north. But they are also subject to the schedule of MLB, and continue to live under the shadow of Godfrey's ongoing promise of an NFL team: a team that the NFL has no intention of ever granting them.

GODFREY, has never had any class.Do you think he even considers what this might do to the rest of the CFL .............?

What a selfish jerk. He gives us ALL in TORONTO , a bad name.

Big Dave: Yes, you are right when you say the Argos made the (bad) choice to remain at the Dump. However, no matter how you slice it, they would have had to play there this year anyway. The new stadium wasn’t scheduled to open until next season at the earliest.

The new owners and Keith Pelley are doing great things in Toronto. And an NFL team in Toronto would be great for everyone as I mentioned in another thread. I am off the "I can't stand Paul Godfrey" thing. Look, if he has the support of the $55 billion of the Ontario Teachers Retirement Pension Fund, and MLSE wants to bring an NFL game and team to Toronto at some point, get over it everyone and lets start using this as a springboard to increase the popularity of football in Toronto and Canada, 3 down, 4 down whatever. High schools are dropping football in Toronto like mad, this is not good for the sport of football. The Argos will be fine in Toronto even with an NFL team, maybe they will play out of the new soccer stadium that apparently will be built there at the Ex site for the 2007 FIFA U-20 championships. The Argo games will be more affordable and they will always have the tradition and history, can never replace that. What I would like, though, is for the Blue Jays to go away, they vie for the sports fans dollars and time in the Toronto area in summer when the CFL and Argos start. And baseball ain't football, so anything we can do to get rid of the Jays is fine with me.

Sorry , but that is CRAP :wink: .......It may help football in the TORONTO area , but NOT in the rest of the CFL and CANADA.This is PURE selfishness on the part of PAUL and the other people that you have mentioned.Lets sell out our culture and put even more money in the U.S' pockets.You really believe that the TORONTO SPORTS media will even cover the ARGOS ? "AND IN THAT, OTHER LEAGUE" :roll:

High schools are dropping football for the high cost and insurence reasons.

With 3 EX games have proven that there is NOT a large market for the NFL , IN ONTARIO.The NFL looks at the T.V. ratings and attendence of not only the CFL and the NFL, but of other PRO sports,TOO.

The JAYS have trouble holding on........the RAPTORS get horrible T.V. ratings , as does the NFL.

The R.C. is far to small and ticket prices would have to be like LEAF tickets.

All that will happen is that the TEACHERS , will lose their shirts and the ARGOS, will die. :roll:

If the NFL wanted to be here or needed to be here , they would be CALLING us.......RIGHT? :wink:

There is also the BILLS down the road who have said that they want 50 million in compinsation........a year if a team comes to TORONTO.......... :wink:

EVERY YEAR at this time , when the CFL is on a role , PAUL makes these noises. :roll:

PAUL, has NO CLASS and doesn't give a dam about the rest of CANADA , ONLY HIS INFLATED VISIONS OF GRANDOUR. :roll:

This is some eles pipe dream and nothing more. :roll:

Is PAUL worried that the CFL might be doing really well now.........? :roll:

Why have an NFL team , when the CFL is doing so well? :smiley:

Do we really hate ourselves that much? :roll:

:D EARL, please read my post about those other NFL EX in TORONTO games at that other NFL THREAD :D

I will read those hellothere. But why fight this NFL in Toronto thing, if it happens, it happens, not much you or me can do about it. And as much as I respect and love the history of the Argos, and I really do, if they fold, they fold, again not much we can do. The NHL survived for decades with only 6 teams and with only 6 teams, this does not cheapen all those Stanley Cup victories by the teams then.

I just think we should stop wasting our time bashing the NFL in Toronto thing, I mean, not much anyone can do. I have limited funds available and I will continue to get my TiCat season tickets and won't go to hardly any NFL games in Toronto.

I understand that scheduling can be pretty tricky when you are trying to satisfy TV, the teams, the fans and work around other events being held in CFL stadiums (like the Blue Jays, concerts in BC Place, etc). At the same time, gate revenue is crucial to CFL teams bottom line. Wednesday's aren't great for good crowds in Toronto just like Friday nights in Regina.

Hopefully the answer will be found in the next round of TV deals. With the popularity of the CFL right now, particularly the huge viewership, the CFL should be able to command more $$ from the networks and give that back to teams.