Keith Pelley was just on with McCown on the Radio portion at Toronto’s Fan 590.
He said as of today, 30,000 seats have been sold. It is hoped how there would be a crowd in excess of 40,000 just like the last game.
It did not sound promising that a sellout of over 50,000+ is in reach. Keith said how the last game against Winnipeg resulted in a large walk up crowd of 7000+.
As for the Grey Cup around 1200 seats remain and these are mostly singles, with a remarkable 12 seats left in the entire 500 section. The remaining tickets will be gobbled up if Saskatchewan makes it. In fact, there is even thought of adding more seats if the Riders make it because of the “mad rush” expected.
There appears no doubt a buzz is expected for later in this week and especially next week if the Argos get in the GC.
But, I do have to admit how our friends in Vancouver have more of a passion(and no doubt less competition for the sporting $) with their expected near sellout of 60,000.

a sell-out for a reg.season game is 40,000
sellout for playoff game is 45,000 ( remember '05 was soldout at 45K )

But, all of the tarps are off so the sellout increases to the GC numbers of some 52,000.

they taking ALL the tarps off the the east finals?

big mistake if they do. the place looks better with the tarps...they make me forget the jays play there.

Keith said the tarps will be off as in preparation for the Grey Cup.

The Lions faced a similar situation in 05. Some fans that got tickets for the Grey Cup, didn't want to pay for the Western Final. We also went on a 7 game slide at the end of the season that didn't help.

One good thing is at least the Lions got the losing out of their system. Maybe they're ready for a winning streak. The most important time for one.

any new updates?

I heard Keith Pelley this morning on Toronto Fan 590.
Saying there are still plenty of tickets left and how they need another great walk up crowd like last time against Winnipeg, with in excess of 7000.
Keith did not give out the current numbers sold, but I got the impression will be hard pressed to get 40,000.

damn santa clauss parade!

Sounds like a last-minute media blitz is needed. The Esks do some TV advertising on the local Global station here, the Argos presumably have some similar outlet.