Oh dear lord, they changed the website.

Wondering where the bar at the top for the other CFL teams.

That's right beside the depth charts and the numerical roster.

It's just like moving into a new building.

Just when you get to know where everything is, they relocate the furniture and the cubicles!!!!

That's right beside the depth charts and the numerical roster.
Ummm.... where have THOSE gone?

It's almost like they replaced the website with a limited function mobile version.

And no, I don't see the depth charts or the other team links either. The menu across the top contains Roster, Schedule, Tickets, Tim Hortons Field, All Access, and Store". The dropdown menu contains the following additional items: Coaches, Statistics, Community, Partners, and Cheerleaders. Nothing for depth charts or other teams that I can see.

...and under Roster no uniform numbers or dates of birth for the players? :roll:

When I click on Roster for either menu, the list of players appears with the following columns: Player [Name], Jersey [Number], Height, Weight, Position, and Status [Nat/Int]. At the bottom, there are some more menus, but nothing for the depth chart, just the following, with a few admin links at the very bottom.


  • Game Schedule
  • Player Roster
  • Statistics
  • Front Office

Media Lounge

  • Latest Videos
  • Photo Galleries
  • Ticats All Access
  • Cheerleaders

Ticket Central

  • Single Game Tickets
  • Flex Packs
  • Tim Hortons Field
  • Seating Chart

Hey Guys:

Depth Charts will up on the left nav very soon. We will be rolling out more features as the season draws near.


Like all new ventures, just a few teething problems. I'm sure they will be sorted out soon. :rockin:

Thanks, Jeff. As I said on the other thread, I like this new design, and I suspect that I'll like it even more on my tablet (assuming I'm correct that it's a one size fits all web design). And once the issues have been addressed, I think it'll be even better.

And without our feedback on these threads (which probably should be combined), the support staff might not know about the issues as quickly.

New features? Hmmm....

Caretaker congatulations, nice job on the web site, I really like it, very professionally done!

The video of the players on the front looks great. I live in the country, I'm not on fibre optic like in the city, I'm on a high speed Sat connection and it looks great, the old web site was the semi pro look, this is definitely the pro CFL look!!

Well done!!

Agree that it is an improvement over the look of the old website. As long as the items mentioned above are corrected, and as long as one of the "new features" is a menu item leading to text articles and news releases. The people around me when I'm checking for information aren't always interested in hearing about the Ticats (I know, go figure) and I don't always want to use or carry around headphones. Most of the time, I prefer reading articles rather than watching videos to keep up to date.

Depth Charts are now up on the left navigation.


I just now noticed that, with pleasure. :smiley: However, I also just noticed that now couldn't find the link to the this forum :frowning: ..... had to connect through

If this is, as suggested above, “a one size fits all web design,” it’s not, at least yet, working. In my case, it’s a size that doesn’t fit where it once (a few days ago) did and always has. On a 21" iMac, I have to hide or move the dock from the bottom of the screen in order to see anything, below Cheerleaders, on the menu. Even then, filling the entire screen with the home page, all I can access on the menu, below Cheerleaders, is Ticats Forum. It appears that there may be further choices (???) which, if there are, I can’t get to.

Pretty sure Ticats Forum is the bottom item. On my laptop, there is a sliver of a scroll bar beside the menu list, and at first it appeared that there was more room to scroll past Ticat Form. But when I look closely, the space at the bottom of the scroll bar is actually the scroll arrow - I can just see a piece of the arrow.

Ticats Forum is indeed the last item. If anyone is having problems scrolling with the left navigation, please let us know what device and browser you are using, so we can debug.


A question begging for an answer:
Why is it necessary to list, and take up space, under "Menu" several links like "Roster," "Schedule" and a few others which are all even more easily accessible at the top of the home page?

Love the new design. Looks very big leagues.

The top navigation would not be visible on mobile, so we need to include those links in the left navigation as well.