I got a shock when I came to the site, but it does look great. Im sure there are a few bugs to be worked out yet..

This is sweet

guys some of you, quit bitching!..

Maybe it's my blocker.. but I don't see ANY of the sponsor pics

First class! I love it!

Works perfectly in Firefox (v. BonEcho) on the Mac.

I especially love the big player action shot in the upper right. Nice touch.

Who ever did this mess should find another line of work. Overlaping images on teh right does not allow you to get to the scroll bar. and the forum area overla[s into the right column area. Pretty bad effort sorry!

I like it. It doesn't look outdated anymore. Good job guys!

Try changing your text size or your resolution.

The banners on the right block some of the text in the forum. Some messages are difficult to read, and some are downright impossible.

If they're going to have some elements fixed and some floating, they're going to get that kind of conflict. It's not up to me to modify my settings, it's up to them to do the page correctly.

And I'm not overly thrilled about all the things they removed.

I would rather they had left it the way it was.

Exactly Big Dave. Like who did the web design? The over all eye candy is fine but the setup is lousy.

I agree, Im also having problems with the site also, this site doesn't work well with explorer at all

Have to agree with some of the negative comments. Would be nice to be able to read all the posts without ads blocking out the text.

Also WHY OH WHY is that everytime they do a change they eliminate info. What happened to the multi year stats!!! Now its only last year. Same problem with game stats, it used to be possible to look at the game schedule for multiple years back, now its only for two years!!! Come on people, the amount of storage you are saving is what 2 megs??? Heck even if it was 100 megs, what does that matter?

I guess the idea it to get us to buy a stats book. While a nice thing to have, its not something I would carry around with me, where as I can access this site from almost anywhere in the world!

I like the new design. As long as the powers that be don't remove any stats, I have no problems. I love looking at numbers. The more stats, the better.

What happened to the rules? Info about the Salary Cap? These are also missing! Why reduce the amount of useful info on this site!

The rules are still here.
Click on "More" on the top right of your screen

I like it. I've had no problems while using Firefox. Its flashier, splashier and looks more professional to me. But its good that some of you are criticizing it. I'm sure the developers are reading your posts and are trying to fix the problems.

I think my favourite tidbit is the full picture of a player in the top right corner. Good work in my opinion.

Thanks, I had missed that, but still it only shows some of the changes,it does not have the all the rules, which the old site did, nor does it have the SMS explination. Plus they have reduced the stats.

Click on the picture of the book itself.