WOW amazing site. Good Job Guys!


It just happened a moment ago for me; however, it doesn't fit too well with Firefox so I'll have to use I.E. instead. :?

nice .. but yea, a little butchered in firefox. You really gotta question designing a website and ignoring firefox ...

Its not tough to write proper code which is viewable in all flavors of browsers. Forcing users to use IE is just encouraging retarded behavior.


Nice, I was just getting used to getting around the old site.

I'll never keep up with technology!

its messed up for explorer too.

Can you give us an example? saying the site is ‘messed up’ in a certain browser doesn’t help us much.

unless this is a transition, im not a fan of the new look.

oh, the team logos at the top of the page are gigantic...( not to mention the renegade logo is missing )

yea .. i had to dig up a windows box to see it - but yea ... instead of putting these things / advertisements on the right as a static absolute position, they should be a static float. But then the positioning is at the mercy of the inner content .. which isnt always desirable either ...


Looks good to me!

Very cool, excellent job.

ok..logos seem to be a normal size now.

Renegades...Do they play in this league??? :lol: :lol:

Its an omen Drummer, its an omen.....Ottawa gone forever!

i really liked the weekly matchups featuring the helmets of competing teams...can we get that back???

K .. well, one specific issue is only under the *nix's it would appear .. but firefox is unable to render your popdown menu's over top of the other content... making the site impossible to navigate. I know for a fact there are methods to allow this to happen properly ...

I strictly use *nix machines. (except now i'm being forced to use this goddamn windows box)


Its beautiful.

Im just glad it works on this computer. All this technical stuff you guys are talking about is way way over this old geezers head!

Yes I also noticed are the Gades officially toast?

and previous years schedules are gone, which i used to look at to see old attendance numbers....can we get that back aswell?

How do they expect Bob Young to navigate this site? I’m sure he’ll be happy to know that the CFL website developers ignored his product when designing the website.

I’m thankful they removed Ottawa finally.


It doesnt seem to show who is online
Or PMs
Or to change profile