Long time reader here, occasional poster.

Reading the post on Beckham and whether or not the CFL should do something like that to get the attention of fans, the media, sponsors etc., got me thinking.

I certainly don't think there is much to be gained by signing away a big free agent from the NFl for bg bucks, and frankly I don't think the CFL's small M millionaires could afford it anyway.

But, as I was looking around the CFL website over the last few weeks it has really hit me how poor a job the CFL is doing marketing its product, particularly through its own website, to say nothing about the absolute lack of CFL advertizing in the off season on televsion, newspapers, radio, magazines, etc.

I mean, in the winter the website basically becomes a place where they re-hash the games that occured on week whatever, or they post stories on signings written in newspapers around the countries.

I just can't believe that a league with revenues in the millions, doesn't at least have a web strategy! I own my own company with 4 employees and we have a person who basically dedicates 50% of their time to updating our web site. This is the league with a guy who made a billion dollars in the computer industry for god sakes!

Why are there no "real-time" stories on CFL grad's like Jeff Garcia or Joe Horn who have played key roles in getting their NFL teams to the play-offs?!

Why are there no features on or Israel Idonje or other Canadians who are playing key roles for their teams in the NFL play-offs?!

Where are the feature stories on the Canadians making a splash during the college bowl season in the States, many of whom will become future CFL'ers?! For example, Boise State, who just played in the Fiesta Bowl (which some are saying is the greatest college game ever played!) had 4 Canadians on the roster!

The Eskimos just had their long-snapper signed to a try-out contest for the Packers...a team with a CFL grad (from my hometown of Regina) who was 4th in punting average in his rookie NFL goes on and own.

It just defies logic that the CFL disappears from the larger public consciousness from December until July. No wonder sponsors are puting in money like we see in Australia with their rugby, soccor and aussie rules football leagues.

The only time the CFL ever does TV is during its own games. Ok, maybe the CFL can't afford TV advertizing in the off-season. Fine, but at least make your own website a year round gathering place for fans to celebrate everything that is Canadian and football. It costs pennies! They could learn a ton from in that regard.

As an aside, I've never understood the logic behind advertizing the next CFL game while watching a telecast of the current one...just get your announcers to do an on-air mention a few times. Run the commercial during the Desperate Housewives or Grey's Anatomy or whatever reality show is the current craze...when people who are not plugged into the leage already are watching television.

That's the end of my rant. Sorry, but as a fan who loves the game and the CFL, they could certainly do better in this area. I hope they can improve on this in future so that many more people can embrace the game to the same extent that most of you who are activ on the forum do.

In 08 TSN will be taking over the site.

Wth the resources they have at BellGlobe ... and ESPN .... the poential is huge

Wonder what MRX plans are???

TSN is known for screening posts before allowing them on thier site.

i dont mean just profanity, but if u dont agree with thier view, they won't post your message.

i hope the CFL forum doesnt become like TSN's 'have your say'.

16 mods in a league with 8 teams?...i remember being told they try to have 1 mods per team.

Agreed, just the phrase Toronto Sports Network automatically gets your post booted. I think they also have a system to flag people who have criticized them in the past who are scrutinized to a greater degree. It has always annoyed me that they boot someone with a viewpoint which may contradict theirs, yet profanity and abuse is seeemingly tolerated.

I think you make a lot of great points. I agree that this website could use a sprucing up. My main problem with the site is not content though. Its the fact that the front page takes so long to load. Too much stuff going on. get more static stuff. Fancy isn't always better.

Bang on Billy, that's always been a pet peeve of mine as well.

Or how about current rules or up to date stats, etc.

There are many things that this website needs.

best thing about the site being taken over by TSN .. Will be the power tripping moderators will be stripped of their supernatural powers.


lookin at the list of mods, there are 4 mods with less than 15 posts in thier history.

alot of the mods listed, i only see them post 5 times a year.

theres 16 mods listed and only 8 of them have more than 1000 why do we keep the others if they're never around?

I guess you could say they are mods who post in moderation. 8)

...thank goodness statik, then we will be able to act like a lot of regular posters and not have to be so freakin polite....

banning regular users, continuously insulting and berating others can hardly be considered polite. The mods here have forced or driven away many decent users who frequented the site, and posted their opinions ..

Some of them copy and pasted, others made spelling errors, some posted messages that didn't conform 100% to the topic at hand, some posted too many times, some posted ideas that were ridiculous, some people lied and bullsh!ted goofy posts ...

the removal of that kind of censorship is what i am looking forward to most ...

gosh - you may even be forced to try and earn someones respect, instead of threatening membership suspension and/or banning.


I understand what you are saying DG but on the other hand. Why dump them if they are not around?

Last I looked TSN bought the TV rights.....not the league

thats like saying...why get a divorce after my wife leaves me and is never

then u didnt see the part that TSN is takin over the website?

If they run things like, you will be subject to some flunky sitting at their computer and censoring you if you don't agree with their opinion. YOur posts won't appear until they get by the screening and many times won't appear at all. Threads will be timed out before many people can comment.

I don't always agree with our MODS but trust me, you won't like the alternative.

There is somethiing to be said for free speech.

...earn someone's respect, whatever the hell for? If you make no attempt why should I? for the 'like me or else' shot you of all people know we cannot suspend anyone's membership here, spoken for like the thousandth time....see, watch: StatiK76, I ban you, I ban you, I ban you....

Actually it's, "I break with you, I break with you, I break with you, then put dog poopy on their shoes"

What I am saying DG is whats the diff if they are still listed as mods. I think most were done so to test the site.

AS for TSN taking over the the site. I must have missed it.
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