Website, will it ever get its act together

So I wanted to look up a kicking stat from 2000. So I went to the stat section of the website, clicked on 2000 and selected kicking points. Was a little surprised that according to the site only four kickers scored any points in 2000 and was a little perplexed to see that Paul McCallum was one of them, but that he kicked for BC that year.......

I just do not understand why the CFL continues to allow such shoddy stuff on the site. Ok, making the mistake about McCallum is almost forgivable error, but not noticing that there were only 4 kickers???? Whats up with that!?

its not the website that needs to get its act together, its the incompetants who supposedly run the site. Only the CFL would accept such incompetance, mostly because the CFL front office is filled with the same incompetance.

Following your logic of incompetance, I undestand why they keep you around these parts :wink:

The website could definately use some work, I'm just not going to jump all over the people that run it.