Website Status

Still have not heard anything back from the CFL or the site management on my questions about this site.

  1. Headlines, this new way stinks, under the old system you could see all the headlines, now you have to wait for the stupid thing to scroll! Plus there is less info than there was about each headline…

  2. Ask the Ref, OK but how do I ask the Ref? There is not link to ask questions like there was under the old site.

  3. Login, still after I login I get a this page not found notice. I then have to manually retype the homepage url and then move on…

  4. Speed, ok the site is a bit faster than it was, but still very painful to use.


Thanks for the feedback. We’re looking at all fan feedback which we may use in future versions of the site. We’re working hard on the speed and login issues, and should have them resolved shortly.

dont login everytime, just push remeber me, and when you come back ur already logged in. works for me.