website stats!!!???

A while back I asked about why the game day stats from previous years were no longer on the site. I was told this was a temporary thing. Now I notice that the cumalitive team stats for this year are not up. The HTML only has individual stats, whereas the PDF's from previous years give the overall team stats.

When oh when with the web guys get this site working correctly? We are going into week 4 of the season. This is just bush league!

Dude, you must be living in the "Center of The Universe" ! 'Cause the rest of this great Country is a Kazillion miles of frozen tundra, and you won't know "Bush" League if it caught fire in front of you !
Bush League is giving 11 of the most talented and well conditioned men on earth FOUR DOWNS to advance 10 lousy yards ! That's Bush, spelled with a George W., League !!!!!
ps. Please see my "Where is the FSN update ?" postint. Thanks ! And please don't take offence....I'm just ribbin' ya.

where’s da fire???