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Am I the only one who can't find any way to vote on the polls on the homepage here? I used to find the cfl site would tell me I wasn't allowed to vote, then would take my vote on the second try - I can't even find a button in my browser on!
I'm using Firefox on Windows XP, in case that matters.
Anyone know what's going on? I really want to vote on all the stuff I don't know anything about, just like in real elections!

Do you not see the vote button?

What you do is funny stuff.

i cant vote eather. i see the pools and options but there isnt a button that i can vote with.

I'll check and see if there's an issue with firefox, since I use IE, I can't replicate the problem here.

The Ref

Can someone post a screen shot?

I'm also using Firefox, and I just checked to see if I could vote in these polls, and I can. The OS you're using should not matter. But there is the possibility that some Firefox extension you have could be doing it. If you have plenty of extensions, you could exit from Firefox then restart in safe mode. Then you can see if it's an extension or something else set in Firefox that's causing this to happen. That's all I can think of off the top of my head right now, if it's even Firefox-related.

Please vote on this 'poll'

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Interesting thought. I looked at home (same software config) and could see the buttons, but back here at work, I can't. I may well have a different set of extensions installed in each place. I'll have to start disabling things. Thanks.

this happens to me too...on the error page, just vote again and it works.

I can't vote.

It's a Liberal conspiracy.


I can't vote either.

i dont have fire fox and it still wont let me vote

can some one post a screen shot?