Website down

as the website is currently down, does anyone have any suggestions for those of us who haven’t yet downloaded our tickets for tonight’s game…


Download the all access app on your phone (if you can) and the tickets should be there. I have no issues currently.

I’ve got the app - had it since it launched - today I can’t log in…it would be nice if the team addressed this on one (or all) of their social media pages

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I have no issue logging into my All Access App and accessing/downloading my tickets. Perhaps you should call the ticats directly during business hours well before the game rush!

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I called them and got a re-direct link to ticketmaster where I was able to download the tix

I sent my bro his ticket last night.

must have been only down for a certain subset of users.

feels a bit like a September game. Cooler, windy, and overcast.

Good for some tough nose Ti-cat football. (now we just need the tough nose Ti-Cat team)


I had the same issue and I called the office just now and spoke to Jack, who was super helpful. He texted me my ticket and the whole thing took less than 90 seconds. Good luck!


Just an FYI here . I just checked and the site is back up and running again .


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I just clicked on it…and it’s up…