Website blows

So we still have the 2007 standing up. There are no newsroom articles beyond June 10th. The insight area has been reduced with know ask the ref showing up.

Where is the easy to find link to the SMS, roster rules, etc. etc.

Please oh please league, get the act together!

DO you really need the standings at this point of the season?

Montreal and Toronto are tied for first in the east

Calgay and SSK are tied in the west!

...but no stats is kinda ridiculous...TSN has them posted right after the it's still 2007 stats...

i must agree with leeing...for a PROFESSIONAL league, this website is anything but.

It really is sad to be honest

stats and standings should be updated after every game or every nite.

there should be nice wallpapers to choose from.

links to various newspaper articles that pertain to the CFL.

an improved

info on stadiums history with detailed pics of each one.

pretty much anything i want to know about the CFL SHOULD be right here....and it rarely ever is.

this website is the most accessible representation of the league, and it is currently a joke.

You're on which hasn't been updated but if you go to it will be. Just remove the one and all will be fine.

Am I the only one who finds the “players” lists so outdated that players who have been out of the league for 2-3 years are still listed.
I could do it as a volunteer if its that difficult to do for the Head Office. :slight_smile:

Yep Your a back up sever by the looks of it

So it appears, and how did this happen, I typed in then went to the forum, which is on, so when I click on the standings, etc on the top I get the back up server.

SO I think my point still stands, this site BLOWS!!!!! What sort of idiot webmaster set up a site in this manner!! Ok, Ok, once or twice this type of thing happens, but this keeps happening! The site can not handle the traffic one week, then they loose a week or so of stuff, then its down, then they get the wrong page up!

Frankly the web master not only owes us an apology the should pay back the league any money they have collected!

The reason was explained a few days ago

Are you sure your mad at the webmaster or are you just a little bit hungry.

So what was the reason? Stupidity??? Sorry but there is no fucking excuse for this!

Heck even on the regular they still do not have the score let alone the stats up from yesterdays game!

Why not go look instead of your silly whinning?

Besides, its quite obvious that you will not accept any explaination!

Oh I am sure its a bit of both :smiley:

But I tend to give the league a lot of slack for many things, but come on something as simple as this? And its not just the stupidity of the www1 address. Heck make the forum a pop-up and not have the links up top, simple thing to do and one that is done on lots of other sites. Frankly I should not have to know some special inside information just to use the website correctly! How anyone responsible for this website can cash their paycheck with a straight face I just do not know.

Ro1313, I usually respect your comments, but give me a break. WHy should I not expect the website to work correctly??? IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK!!!!

I have worked around websites for over 10 years, the only excuse for this laziness. If the menus are not set up to work properly then ditch them!

AS I said Its obvious you wont accept any explaination

but here, take it for what you want

thanks for posting this link. Ok, but what the heck is stopping them from changing the drop down menu's. All they would have to do for this page is remove them. That would have no impact on their ability to save the forum info, zero, zilch, nada. A simple 10 minute fix so that they do not look like idiots. At least post an explination right on the top of the page, a simple banner would work!

I accept the excuse, its stupidity!

and another thing RO, how exactly does this explination excuse the fact that they still do not have the score and stats up from yesterdays game??????

Well there you go,
To you its stupidity,
To me its whinnig

To each his own I guess