website access problems - no email for new password

My password stopped working (or I forgot it) and I clicked to have a reset sent to my email and nothing happened. Twice. So now I've had to set up a new account with a new name. There doesn't seem to be a way to contact the site manager so I'm posting here in the hope I can reactivate my membership. Hope to hear from someone!

I wonder if this is happening to other and might explain why there are fewer posts here than usual? I can't say I've been impressed with the CFL internet coverage so far this year - the app still has the same news stories from late May.

did you receive an activation notice in your email when setting up the new account?

and did you check your junk mail folder for the the reset password link to the old account?

Try sending a message to Sully: memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=56809

He works on the site and has fixed it for people before.

I had the same problem, so I just made a new account. :frowning: I never posted much anyway, so I didn't really care enough about losing my 50 posts to bother with contacting an admin. I know what you're thinking, "You care enough to post here about it?", but I just want to let other users know it's not just guelphcatsfan with a problem, but it's a problem for all users who lose their passwords.

I thought at first maybe it was a mobile problem, but I tried the desktop version too with no luck. Looked at the FAQ and it says there should be a "forgot password?" link. I believe there was before, but it wasn't implemented into the new system. It really should be added, because it'll probably be more inconvenient to Sully or any other forum admin in the long run (as well as being inconvenient to users as well). In the mean time, even a "email for password reset" who be incredibly helpful. :slight_smile:

Haha.. is a complete joke.. They dont even have any profiles for their players.. Dont sweat it.
The league does not give a crap about any of its fans... Thars why they are too cheap to pay for a video game... thats why they have a token comishioner. . Thats why they allow David Braley to rot one of its most important teans

The activation notice never came and I did check my junk folder. I tried twice. I'm not convinced I forgot my password since I use the same two or three passwords for sites like this (Simple ones unlike what I use for online banking).

I sent an email to Sully as well - Thanks for that tip.

I wonder if this isn't a site-wide problem as the number of preseason posts (at least on the Ti-Cat site) seem way down from last year.

I hope it gets fixed!

It's a common problem. When they upgraded forum software a while ago, a lot of passwords had to be reset. Some of them (like mine) were able to be resolved by just doing Forgot Password. For some reason, some other people couldn't do that and sully had to intervene.

My password wouldn't work and I never got an email from the "forgot password" option and I tried at least a dozen times. I emailed sully at his account, , and he responded with a reset password within 24hrs.

What appears to be the cause is that in the years that these forums were hosted elsewhere, it was impossible to update your e-mail address linked to your username. When I then made the move, the software forced everyone to have to login again and lots of people both don't recall their password or still maintain that old e-mail account. Nothing I can do to solve that programmatically, so I'll field password reset requests manually. :frowning: