We're in a webchat right now - you can ask questions about the new ticats.ca site.


Ron, do we have to register the chat?.. I can't seem to access it with my current Ticats.ca nic

Never mind.. answered my own question...lol

that was pretty cool

hopefully next time the red and black will be changed to gold and black

sorry I missed the chat Ron .
Had Dinner after watching Practice..

I guess you talked about how site was made.
alot PHP in the Site ?

that is a very cool chat room.....very easy to use.....

oh, and thanks for changing the "members on line" colour to white.....muchhhhhhhhh better! 8)

You'll notice that the "Red on Black" text to the left (list of users) has been changed to "White on Black" as requested during the chat.

How's that for service?

pretty good

will u try and get a player to come on next week?

Quick work Ron. Now - about that "game chat" thing... lol

great stuff....

I had to do a Refresh to see it .
thank u ron