Webchat With Chris Bauman

Click here to join the 7:00pm webchat with first overall draft pick Chris Bauman

I hate to say it but the way they are parading this young kid around, they are building up a great amount of pressure and expectations and just laying it all out on his shoulders.

I hope he just blows away everyone in the CFL but I think this is the one thing the Ti-cats organization does poorly is ramp up a player so much and put his face out there to the point where the fans idolize him and when he falls whether it be due to pressure or injury or whatever..fans will call for his head.

(ie Jason Maas)

Please Cats, let his play speak for itself..its a smart marketing move push the fact that Hamilton has the 1st pick overall in the 2007 draft..but too much pressure can spoil an athlete..give him time to grow.

It's a common thing in pro sports to "parade around" the 1st OV pick... these athletes should be used to the limelight, I see no harm in it

just my opinion

For a young kid to put all these expectations on him and if he crumbles under the pressure..that is a self-confidence killer..

There are certain exceptions..that I can think where a rookie is praised and comes through.

Mario Lemieux
Wayne Gretzky (not a 1st overall pick)
Sydney Crosby

Rookies who were toughted and crumped because of it

Scottie Upshall (not a 1st overall pick)
Alexandre Daigle

All are hockey I understand but hockey is where is shows the most...only give him so much limelight, pressure to perform is mentally exhausting on Athletes.

The "pressure" of Hockey is so much greater than CFL Football these guys are schooled for media relations and are taught the "right thing to say" I think the Cats aren't really putting pressure on Bauman as much as they are selling the team to the fans, if this kid is gonna be as good as people say then imo he has the head to handle a few press conferences and Webchats. He has to MAKE the team before any of this so called pressure can be real

Well if he didn’t have the mental toughness to deal with this then he should not have been drafted number one. And it’s not like they’re comparing him to Ray Elgaard or Jason Clermont, plastering him on 20 foot billboards all over town and saying he’s going to catch 120 balls this year for 2000 yards and 15 t.d’s. So relax. He’s done a couple of interviews and a web chat, big deal. I guess you’d rather see them lock him in a basement somewhere away from the 2 or 3 media members he has to cope with.

I am interested in seeing how
our new players develop this year.

The more I know about the players
the more interested I am in them.

It’s great if you can have a feeling
about what kind of a person they are
before they even hit the field.

Media exposure gets paying fans
informed about the players.

From Chris’s interviews in the media,
he seems to be the kind of person

that I will be pulling for
as he develops as a pro.

The more we see in the media about new players
the more interest we fans will have in the team.

Keep it coming! It is good for business.


I realize that it is a big step
from college to the pros.

I don’t expect any draftee, first pick or not
to dominate the league in his first year

Same as I didn’t expect Andrea Bargniani
to do so in his first year with the Raptors.

For those of you who weren't able to join us for the chat, a transcript can be found here.

There is virtually NO pressure on this kid.
He will not even start first year.
Some kid coming in and making $75,000 can not be compared to hockey, NBA, or NFL guys.
How many non-TiCat fans even new this kid was coming to town?
They are hardly making him out to be the guy to lead the Cats to the Cup, and the darling of Hamilton.

Now the Cats should be pushing a local kid like Lumsden to be the leader of the new Cats.
Great talent and personality. Exactly what marketing guys dream about.

Hyping him may work to his advantage too. Even if he doesn't set the league on fire during training camp and preseason, he may get the benefit of the doubt so that the team doesn't look stupid by cutting him or relegating him to the practice roster.

An Argo-Cat fan


Do you really think Bauman might be cut or put on the practice roster? Come on! The kid obviously has skills, and at least this year in Hamilton, he will have professional coaches who can tap those talents. Taaffe obviously has seen film on this kid and had a huge say in drafting him #1, which tells me that Taaffe sees Bauman as an immediate contributor, not a "guy who may or may not make the squad."

We don't have to guess or speculate, folks,
the answer is in a link in this very thread.

How about that!

Chris tells us what Charlie told him about his role
in the link prez, scottm gave us a few posts back.

Wait, I will save you from having to
click on it and reading through it.

"dallas135 says: Hey Chris...Has Coach Taaffe
spoke to you about your role on this year club?

cbauman says: Briefly. It looks like I'll play
mostly as a wideout and back up for a while

until I become comfortable
/familiar with the offence.

Hopefully this will help me
to become a key contributor."

When I read the text further
I found even more details.