Is there anyway to get the video feed of the game on the web?

http://www4.insinc.com/cfl/ << $9.95 for live games, $6.95 for archived.

Oski Wee Wee,


It’s not available in the US !


Why in heaven’s name is there a “US Blackout”

That’s not because the NFL is afraid of losing fans is it? :lol:

I have no idea. But there must be a logical explanation of some sort. I'll ask around and let you know, although it may take a day or two. Unless someone else reading these forums tonight knows...

That is so weird ... I remember reading a quote from ex-CFL marketing guy .... Brent Scrimshaw .... saying on certain nights we had more US viewers of CFL ball than Cdn totals on TSN

Is anyone else watching the webcast? This is the second I've tried to watch and it is a very disappointing stuttering feed.

How is every one else's experience?

I am in super user mode, and having no problem in Japan.

I have a pretty fast Internet feed myself. Except for two games ago, where they didn't have the game on until half time, it has been pretty good for me.

Bob: how's your bandwidth for other things in your location?

Other video sites seem to work ok.

This has been a problem for me previously, but I’m glad it might be just my configuration that is the problem.

IOt's the TSN feed, Bob -- and it sure is stuttering!

It's the TSN feed, Bob -- and it sure is stuttering!

na...its are team thats stuttering!!!