Last week I ordered the Hamilton - Calgary game and I wasn't satisfied with the quality. I didn't get tuned in til about 4 minutes left in the half. Up to that time I couldn't get on. I left a phone message with the company that I wasn't satisfied. Just chequed my bank account and lo behold they have refunded my money. Last night I ordered the Bombers-Esks game and it was a lot better. I tried the super player and it kept breaking up. I then tried the normal player. From the second quarter on there a few 5 second glitzes around the last couple of minutes in the second half and half time. Other than that it was good. Much better than last week. As for the price what do you charge? I am sure the CFL and them are trying to make money. The thing though is that you do not have the same number of games that baseball, hockey, and basketball do. You would probably have to charge more. Back to the broadcast I do like the features that they have when there is commercial on tv. No ads at all.

this is getting about as annoying as an Expansion thread, mate, post is an existing topic about web cast.