Webcast Ratings

Quick question. Does anyone know if the webcast ratings are factored in somehow, or even what they might add up to? I watch TSN via Rogers Anywhere TV. Are these views being counted?

Why are you so worried about if your viewership counts? If the CFL cared they wouldn't of put the game on an NFL Sunday in the first place.

MrKus - you do realize that some of the highest rated CFL games of the season were 4:00PM Sunday starts up against NFL competition?

In fact since the start of the NFL season - any Sunday where there was a 4:00PM Sunday game scheduled by the CFL - it was the highest rated CFL game of those weekends.

And last weekend about 1.6 million was the average rating for the two finals including RDS and TSN numbers. Nothing wrong with those numbers at all - easily more than double any NFL games last weekend.

Wow. I don't think I've ever seen a thread get so off topic in the first reply. Impressive. :roll:

But okay...let's talk about this completely new topic.

If I had my way, CFL games would be played on Friday's and Sunday's only. This would leave Saturday's open for the CIS to truly thrive across the country. Bottom line is the NFL is not a threat to the CFL, let's stop pretending it is.

Enjoy the game tonight everyone! Oskie Wee Wee!