Webcast of TigerVision Feeds for Friday's Preseason Game?

Friday's preseason game between the Ticats and Blue Bombers will not be televised or webcast through CFL.ca. And since some cannot make it to IWS for a variety of reasons, there are a number of people who will not get to see this game. For this reason, I would like to suggest that a webcast of TigerVisions feeds be offered through this site.

This has been done before for a game between Ottawa and Hamilton at IWS in 2005, as that game was not televised either. Some members of this site may be able to vouch for this, and somewhere in the archive of the original Ticats.ca (which currently seems to be down) must be information about this being done. I, and at least a few other people, would appreciate very much if this could be done for this game.

Thanks in advance.

I have heard Rumblings that Cable 14 will be doing the game. Best to check with your Rep.

The game is on cable 14,if your in the hamilton area!

That game wasn't shown on the Tigervision, BYF.

Former CEO Chris Dean found that it would be too costly
to have the game shown on the Tigervision at IWS.

TV networks like to keep their exclusive broadcasting rights.

What he did do was arrange to have
that road game vs Ottawa shown

at a Meadowlands movie theatre.

It was expensive to rent the theatre
even though it was on a Thusday night.

A webcast on ticats.ca from
a Cogeco cable TV feed

opens up another can of worms

with little time to work out
the details with their people

and the Cats would still have to
make a deal with the TV networks
regarding their broadcast exclusivity.

link?? how do u know??

I saw them promote it during game 1 of the Bulldogs series against Hershey.

I hope cogeco 23 in Burlington also has it.
I like to tape the games and go over it when I Come home.
Watch the Plays slow it down break plays down why it work or did't

Neil Lumsdon is supposed to be part of the broadcast. Should be interesting to hear his take on the running back.

Okay, that's going a little bit over board.

To each his own, Rusty. I think it's great that some people like to study the game to that extent.

I also watched the Hershey series on cable 14 and they said they would be showing the Ticat/Bomber game.

Thanks Bg,
I would Love to Study Coaches tape But Since I Don't have Access to it
TV Footage is best I Can do.

We know you havew the best intentions, but dont you think getting your mitts on a Coachs tape is a wee bit of a security problem?

Just kidding... lol

Very True ..That Why I Tape all The games.
Cause Closes I will every get to Coaches Tape.
As For The Game Being Covered in Burlington and Hamilton.

I did Find Out Burlington and Hamilton are Doing the Ticats Game Live together on Each Community Stations 14 & 23.

For Information in Burlington
check Here.

[url=http://www.tvcogeco.com/portal/page/portal/burloak/schedules]http://www.tvcogeco.com/portal/page/por ... /schedules[/url]

I believe the origial question was if there was any way of getting the feed from the Tigetvision to be shown on the Cat's website. Not ot be able to broadcast games from TV on the Tigetvision.
Being an out of town Ti-Cat fan, I would LOVE to be able to see this happen.
Will just have to do with listening to CHML.

For those Niagara fans...

[url=http://www.tvcogeco.com/portal/page/portal/niagara/schedules]http://www.tvcogeco.com/portal/page/por ... /schedules[/url]

Apparently Cogeco in Niagara will be airing the game live on Friday night!


...and in Burlington/Oakville..

[url=http://www.tvcogeco.com/portal/page/portal/burloak/schedules]http://www.tvcogeco.com/portal/page/por ... /schedules[/url]

oskee wee wee!

Thank you. This is exactly what I was asking about. And as you'll see of you read some of the posts if you click here or here, it apparently would be very much appreciated by at least a few people here if this could be done. As I mentioned in this thread, which you can read if you click here, this site can be great for those who live outside of the area. And so I hope this will at least be considered, and I would be grateful if this were done.

They have had 2 or 3 games on this web site or the old one.

Since there is no TV and therefore no televison rights to violate it would be nice to be able to see the game.

Next week the games will be available on CFL.ca but not this week.

Can the web masters give us out of town fans a bit of a treat?

TSN graciously waived their rights to the game
to our community cable channels so local fans
can get to see the game in this region,

not fans all over the world on the internet.

TSN would demand a large fee to grant that.

What about Rogers 22 in Ottawa?