Webcast of CFL games this season.

Has anyone used the new $9.95 per game Webcast service the CFL has been offering this season?

If so what has been your experience? Votes and comments much appreciated. Thanks!

("Webcast" is just a fancy name for being able to watch the TSN tv broadcast on your computer. There is a link on the cfl.ca homepage or go directly to:


I'm just wondering why two of this week's games, including the Ticats home game, have 'US Blackout' at http://www4.insinc.com/cfl/ ?

How do they enforce that? Is it by IP address? Is it related to the US Broadcast agreement?

The answer to your questions are "yes" and "yes".

For the record - attempting to enforce a US blackout on webcast CFL games was -not- my idea. (sound of teeth gnashing...)

I watched the game last week on the webcast. It was great. Excellent feature for those of us without televisions.

Didn't know that there were people in the civilized world without televisions these days. But then, with all the un-civilized programming, if you will, you may be the most civilized of all perhaps AJB1!

In my opinion it is terrible. I was planning on purchasing all of the Eskimos games online due to living overseas; however, my third game purchase the video started 21 minutes late with scoring in the game. I wrote support for help (please see below for their answer). The next week I was dumb enough to pay for another game and was unable to finish the game in one sitting due to it being 2am over here when the game was uploaded and I was tired. The next evening after work I tried to log back in and my account was invalid. This also occurred on all the previous games I paid $7.37 for a piece (USD). I contacted support over 2 weeks ago and still no answer. I highly recommend thinking twice before using this service and just listen to games via online radio for free.

[i]Hi Robert:

Thank you for your email.

Last night's game started 20 minutes late because TSN broadcasted two
back to back and the first game overlapped the second game.


INSINC Support

Dear CFL Support:

I just purchased another one of your archive games and for this one I
extremely disappointed. I planned on purchasing all future Edmonton
games to watch via the internet. However, my purchase of the game
was terrible. The internet feed did not start for about 21 minutes and
game was already underway with teams scoring and only about 5 minutes
in the first quarter. I would not be so disappointed if you offered a
pass where I can pay a cheaper price, but I am paying $7.37 USD a game!
this point I am worried about purchasing future games. Please look into
matter. I am looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

Robert Swanson[/i]

I've Never Used it...
But I am sure it Use full for people in the US or Overseas..

I think you’re expecting too much. If you’re too tired to stay up and watch a game don’t buy it live, buy it the next day for 6.99! Also, purchasing it does not mean you can go back anytime and watch it, you have to watch it then, that’s why your account is ‘invalid’ when you log back in at a later time.

I tried using the service last weekend and kept getting a message that the feed was unavailable check the schedule out. Since I had the webcast CHML broadcast going for the game I could say for certain I did not have the wrong time. :slight_smile:

I tried to get the game to go several times during the course of the game but to no avail.

Technical support did refund my money so I was happy they resolved that quickly. Then even setup a link if I wanted to watch the game anyways.

I may try it again sometime but after it not working I am very very reluctant to.

I did buy the archived version and yes it is my fault for watching it late, but the FAQ's and other info on their website did not mention anything about logging in only once and that is it. They can at least be upfront about the service. Otherwise commonsense would have said purchase it the next day at a resonable time, so I can finish the game in one sitting. Anyway, that still doesn't compensate for paying for a blank screen for 21 minutes for $6.99 w/o tax and then getting to watch only 3 quarters on the game after both teams already scored. :thdn:

i found a better solution, it is called the slingbox. can watch my tv at home on my laptop from anywhere in the world with broadband connection.


can grab one at place called DependableIT

Honestly we haven't used it, and wouldn't be likely to, as we attend all home games and watch away games on tv.

Also, it seems quite expensive to me.

I agree with my above section mate in 30A. With 4 seasons tickets it sounds like a waste but then again sitting in the stands listening to TSN rather than Jason Farr might be worth it !!!! but in reality no I doubt if I would ever use it.


Yeah, it's not for everyone, but some of us find it really useful. Obviously people living in or near Hamilton are going to need it less than say... someone living on an overgrown chunk of rock in the Pacific.

(If anyone in BC heard me refer to Vancouver Island that way, they'd kill me.)

Given the choice, I'd be at my usual seat in Box J, but since I don't have that choice, PPV it is.

Yeah I got one of those boxes!!! They ROCK! :rockin:

I think the CFL needs to revisit this as it truly is far too expensive. 9.95 per game is a little much as I can readd the sports package to my Dish subscription for only 8 bucks a month. This would get me 3 or 4 games per month where as I would pay 40ish dollars for the webcast.

I tried it once to see how it was and because of the difficulties and sheer cost per game I will not be trying again.

If I want to watch another game on TV I will just bite the bullet and give Bell my 8 dollars per month to get the sports package again...shudders violently at the thought.

I am in Japan, and I have had no trouble with the webcasts save one game that started at half time. They refunded me the price for that because of technical difficulties.

10 dollars a game is too expensive for me, but it is a luxury I can afford myself. I would certainly purchase every CFL game I could if the price was more reasonable. However, at this time, I am just purchasing Tiger Cats games which I am available to watch.

I have decided that 7 dollars for a game that is not live is too much and have not bothered to subscribe to archived games.

I would like to see a Season pass for each team or for the whole league that would deliver games at a cheaper price.

It would be nice to buy a game or 2 or 3 or whatever as a gift for someone to redeem at their will.

I think a lot of the younger set tend to take off to foreign lands to explore life. They seem to have internet accesss but little discretionary income to spend (except for booze and food).

So an electronic gift certificate that would be easy to purchase and send would be something I would purchase.

I recently responded to a CFL Nation survey where the broadband offerings were discussed. I would like to see some kind of subscriber-based arrangement that would operate on a similar basis as NFL Field Pass, bundling game broadcast content with additional media offerings and team-specific merchandise discounts.

If the league would put that together with its broadband people and the Sirius satellite stuff already on offer and make a “CFL Field Pass” kind of setup, I would definitely consider getting that. That being said, I catch almost every game on TV as it is, so the game broadcasting content is not as big an issue for me.

Over time, this would pay off for the league and allow it to market itself to football fans globally. It’s an idea whose time has come.

Oski Wee Wee,

would never think of using a computer to watch anything