Webcast dead?

Anyone else purchase the webcast for the WPG-MTL game this evening? It's not working for me on three different computers. I presume the feed is down.

it’s working for me in the US

If you have MTS TV the game is on channel 347 and not channel 2 CBC ..... bet no one knows this!!!

Kobekid is back and watching the webcast live in Japan!!

Works for me. Looking forward to watching more great football!

Go Blue!!!

Thanks for the updates guys! I'm glad someone can see the game. I'm getting the feeling that this game is slowly unravelling for the Bombers. The Als aren't exactly looking -- make that sounding :frowning: -- sharp. At least there's never technical problems with CJOB.

Cheers from Winnipeg on a steamy hot evening!

WHAT? why is this?..is it like this for all the home games???

i was at work and taped channel 2 just in case the blackout was lifted (which it wasnt)

by the way i have mts

oook never mind..i just checked out that channel and its just a different cbc..i dont even have the package with that channel anyway..o well