Webb Traded To Stamps

CALGARY -- The Calgary Stampeders acquired import defensive back Dee Webb from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Wednesday in exchange for a conditional 2015 draft choice.
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Predictable, given the shift from Safety to Corner for Courtney Stephen. All the best, Dee.

Never was a fan glad he's gone big burn plays once to many

Webb was on the chopping block IMHO so getting a conditional pick was something.Webb really was not a starter last season as they return their whole D backfield that started plus adding brandon Stewart, and lookin got move Courtney Stephan to CB. Stephan does not neccessarily need to start with Emmanuel Davis doing a great job opposite Breux IMHO but what he can give them is a Canadian that can play both CB and safety giving flexibility to add to another part of the roster.
Stephan may not even be ready as a starter for half a season or even until next year. With Canadian CBs yeat to really break through teams will go right at him to test him. He has played Safety for three seasons 2 in the NCAA and last year in the CFL. SO this is really a big change for him

Made this today for Dee Webb
Thanks for all you did as a Ti-Cat and wish you all the best my friend!



He was never very good...Got a lot of play for a couple of Pick-6's but was out of position and a poor cover guy most of the time...

The Stamps can have him....

Remember his coverage skills when we play against the Stamps...maybe pick on him a little??

As usual,nice tribute video there Bruce,but just one thing you might want to change the title of it....Dee Weeb ??? :wink: makes him kind of sound like a character out of a Star Wars episode. :lol: Also with all this BS about Toronto and the NFL going on did ya really have to have a Bum Jovi song attached to it ? :o

Astonishing if Webb even makes that team.

Calgary just covering its bases with some expereinced DBs. Last year they brought in Hefney who they used and now released. Probably either one of Shell or Webb may make it onto the team somewhere and the other released

Well put and I believe you are right