Webb should be D.P.O.T.W.

Hey I like Brock Campbell but how in the world is a guy who blocks a punt and scores a 98 yard pick six not the defensive player of the week?

The block was a special teams play, so technically it shouldn't help you win a defensive player award.

Campbell had an amazing games with tackles, a sack and very good coverage. He deserves is just as much as Dee Webb.

You had to remember that a blocked punt is a special teams play and not a defensive play.

Webb had a good game but I think Campbell stuck out more in my mind on the defensive side of the ball.

Campbell had a hell of a game and if he keeps it up we'll soon be asking, Markeith who?

I understand that Knowlton did not practice today so I'm not sure if he'll play on Friday. But after seeing how Campbell has played, perhaps there is no need to rush Knowlton back into the lineup.

And I'm not going to argue with the decision to name Campbell the DPOTW. I liked what I saw from him again. He had seven tackles, and that sack for a 10 yard loss. And he's the one who tackled Messam on the 3rd and 1 gamble, leading to the Fantuz TD on the next play as you can see in the play starting at about 3:56 of this video: http://ticats.ca/video/index/id/78693

Webb was good on both special teams and defense, but the voters have given Chad Owens the offensive player of the week award and clearly taken into account his special teams play. Giving Webb the DPOTW award would not have been out of the question, in my opinion. But Campbell played a heckuva game too and is just as deserving.

I'm actually more surprised that Burris didn't win offensive player. Lulay got the award, but Burris had a better completion percentage, a better passer rating, more yards and more touchdowns. I don't really know what the voters saw that made them pick Lulay.

I was thinking the same thing. The only difference I could see was that Burris had two picks where Lulay only had one. But Burris did everything else better. Maybe they only watched the first quarter?

No argument from me friends, I'll take it anytime a Ticat gets an award when they win like they did Friday. I was certainly glad we decided to go.