Webb and Collins extended


Good signings IMO. We look to have a pretty good secondary this year.

I've got a good feeling about Collins. Don't know why, he hasn't played much for the tabbies yet, but I get the sense he's gonna have a strong physical presence.

Hope I'm right.

Yea I like him a lot better for than Carlos Thomas. Collins actually played like a safety, aggressively going after the ball carrier. He didn't look good when in man to man coverage but I think Creehan will ask his safeties to play more of a "Centre field" type role.

I have mixed feelings on Webb, some games he looked good, other games not so much.

There’s 3 players in this secondary that I expect a big year from.
1.)Ryan Hinds
2.)Milton Collins
3.)Woodny Turrenne

Collins I think will be the real deal at safety, he’s strong and very physical.Something Creehan LOVES out of his players.Let’s see you catch the ball while getting hit by a train.GO CATS GO!

I wasn't too crazy about Thomas at halfback but he did play better at safety IMO... IIRC, he laid some good hits on people from that position.

But Collins looked like a hitter and physical too when he was able to play.

He was excellent in Calgary.

I've seen a lot of posts by Hamilton fans giving their secondary a rake over the coals this year. I think it's a bit unfair. Hamilton has A TON of very talented, but very young defensive backs. These guys will only get better and better and better. Marcel Young, Hinds, Shivers (although I think he'sFA?), I know I'm missing 1 or 2 more names ... then they added Webb and Collins, both excellent acquisitions. I expect Hamilton to have a top 2 or 3 secondary within a year or so. Remember, defensive back is the SLOWEST position to develop (other than maybe QB). Until then, they are at least good enough that if there is enough pressure on the QB they will be fine.

Good signings the secondary should look better this year!