Web Site Needs Work

Why is it that this website has regressed so much?

At one time you used to be able to get the following info in easy to find logical places:

SMS Detail
Import NI Ratio details
How the Game is Played
Glossery of CFL terms
Kids section with lots of CFL and football info

Now it seems that except for the home page the league does not care. Heck, it still has the 2007 draft info on the site (finding when the draft day was this year took a heck of a lot of searching!!! Is it to much to ask that the draft section of the website might actually have the date and time of the up coming draft?????????).

Could not agree more. Draft information should be easy to find with player bios. There should also be some speculation are where these players may go in the draft.

The draft south of the border brings a great deal of attention to the league during the offseason. Our draft however, is some sort of secret.

I would like to see Easy access to SMS Details.

I think it's important to fans to know how the league works.

there was a huge fuss over SSK, and thier spending in 2007, wich i don't think has ever clearly been defined, or resolved.


But how many leagues are completely open about the cap? The NBA is the only site that I know of. ESPN lists each player's salary beside his name in the roster list.

Heck I would just be thrilled if the SMS rules were up on the site in an easy to find location!

Webmaster on vacation?

if only cfl.ca kept up like ticats.ca. I believe it is the mostwell run team site.

I am not sure why fans need to know the what the players make. If the league wants to show transparency in terms of sms, all they need to do is to adopt the NFL approach. All contracts are registered and the team only has 7 days to resolve an overage problem.

They should have some cheesy games to play.

You can go online a find player salaries of every major sport, MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA. The only league that doesnt do that is the CFL. I believe that disclosure strengthens the SMS.

Sambo42....how is knowing the salary of the papercut brigade going to strengthen SMS. You yourself have said that you have to trust in what Tillman is saying. You know that the papercut brigade existed all season long and but you want to say that is okay, but let me know what their salaries are.

Fans don't need to know what the players salaries are. It is the responsibility of the league to enforce its rules. The NFL enforces all a contracts, if a team signs a new player or re-does a contract, if that contract will put the team into an cap overage, they have 7 days to resolve the problem or the contract becomes null and void.

Disclosure forces the teams to make all salaries public--and tougher to cheat on the cap. One big problem this league has, IMO, is the secrecy of the CFL, and not just on the SMS. If you have read all the posts here, people want access to rules, CFL terms, draft choices, etc.

I read the all the posts. Sambo42, the riders had a papercut brigade all season long. You knew they had it, the fact that these players were under a league enforced contract was accepted. Tell me how you knowing how much Tate made is going to make change that situation. Tell me how knowing any players salary is going to stop cheating against the cap. It isn't, it can't and it won't. You knowing the salary has nothing to do with the league being transparent.

The problem with the league is that sms is shrouded in secrecy. Nobody really understands how it works and why it works and the accounting of it only comes at the end.

Could any fan sit down and track the 10 or 12 extra players the riders brought in over the season, and determine how of their contracts or letters of intent were paid for and fall under the cap. Not based on how contract value at all.

Additionally, you point out the NFL as prime example where the salaries are disclosed. The number that is diclosed is the current value of the contract. It doesn't reflect the signing bonus, which is spread over the term of the contract in the NFL. So only having the salary amount is of little or no value except to fans who want to know so they can do comparisions.

Simple really mike, if the salaries are made public that puts an end to the secrecy. If you are going to disclose salaries, then it stands to reason that the way the SMS works be public knowledge as well. It will make it difficult to "hide" salaries, no matter where on the roster they happen to be.

It has nothing to do with you knowing what the salaries are. The current sms isn't clear how it works and the accounting only comes at the end.

For example: the riders brought David Azzi in and he stuck around for 5 or 6 games.
1 If his contract had been properly registered.

  1. It was clear what was in and what was out of SMS.

  2. If the league would have said yes it is a valid contract or if the league had said, no you can't bring him in because you will be over the cap amount.

4 Your knowing his salary adds nothing to the process. Your knowing his salary does nothing for transparency.

Where do they list the salaries, just out of curiosity? I was looking at Roloson’s page, but didn’t see it.

Here you go Chief:








[url=http://content.usatoday.com/sports/baseball/salaries/totalpayroll.aspx?year=2007]http://content.usatoday.com/sports/base ... ?year=2007[/url]

The salaries of all the players in those leagues is easily accessible-- IMO, its about time that the CFL follows suit and discloses the salaries of its players.

Interesting. Thanks for the links. I guess my question now is why aren't these numbers on any of the official websites? :expressionless:

You should have left out SMS details your thread has been highjacked about that only. I would like to see this website upgraded.