Web Site maintenance..

Thanks to all cfl.ca fans for your emails, suggestions, and most of all your patience.
The site has had some software maintenance recently that will address the speed and login issues, that users have experienced.

Once again, thanks to all cfl.ca fans and look for dynamic, searchable, CFL statistics coming soon.


Thank you CFL dudes !

By the way, is there any intention to add a Fantasy Football feature on CFL.ca once the stats are up and running, or would that throw a rock in your relationship with FSN?

ill start my own if they dont...itll be easier with the new stats system.

ok sounds good... man i suck at hockey and football pools

so do i

Thanks Web Site maintenance guy....this site has sped up tremendously. Keep up the good work!!

Yes the site is doing much better, good work guys.

whats with the new format, its makin things all low res on my end, and the gray is kinda giving me a headache

j'veux un forum en français/ i want a forum in french.

There will be a french version of CFL.ca launching in the near future. Please stay tuned.