Web Site idea... Live Tailgate Web-Cam!

I just thought - seeing as how I can't make it to the game today - it might be cool to have a tailgate Web Cam set up to send a live feed to the site for, say, 2 hours leading up to gametime!

You could have it mounted on the south rim of Ivor Wynne and zoom in on the festivities over in the parking lot! It'd be cool for us shut-ins to view while listening to the pre-game on the radio!

Cool idea? Too pricey, perhaps?

Just a thought!

I wonder if that would even be legal. I don't know if that is an area the TiCats would even want to try and venture into. May be a lot more hassles than it is worth.

Not a good idea if you call in sick for work

I love the idea in theory. Maybe someone could make it work, especially if all teams added a segment to their home games.