Web Page Clock

Why is the web page clock behind by 7 hours?

:? :? :?

It's creating confusion following the threads becasue I don't know if some great conversations went on at 4 AM or whether those threads are still currently active.

This has been an ongoing issue since the web page has been created.
The clock mainly has been set at -12H, sometimes at GMT, and then there is the rare occasion that it is set correctly to -5h.

its actually at the right time now AMAZING!!!

maybe the cats last week we're using this clock and that is why they were 7 hours late last fri arriving at the game. heeeyyy..ohhhh!

what time zone are you in?????

7 hours behind in the GHA

eastern time zone the clock says 5:20pm aug 4 2006 and thats the time on my watch

Its a trick to get the bombers to show up late tonight.