Web Awards

Heres something we could do for fun if anybody is interesred...
It will becalled the Web Awards,We could have different awards.(ex.)Favourite Poster,Most annoying poster,most liked poster,most confontrational poster,and we could go on from there....
Everybody could name people on the Ti-cats website for these awards,most votes and that person gets the award.
We could hold it a week before greycup,from now till then we could nominate members for the award and announce the winners that weekend.
Of course there will be no award to collect but you will have bragging rights for your award.......
Just a thought anybody interested???????

The awards should come from the field not the stands. It becomes a bit tricky otherwise. Would it be to gather new members, enhance the quality, stimulate the shock of ideas ...? I have the guts to answer. But to me it's a hot potato...between the lines !


Believe it or not, this was proposed on the first site about a year and a half in. The powers-that-be at that time were going to organize it.

Then we went through a spate of unhappy postings on the site and the idea disappeared.

Maybe it’s time again, maybe not. I miss a lot of the people who I would have voted for back then.

I think that's fun, but there'd be a huge first place tie for most annoying poster on this site :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Don't forget best cookie baker. I know I'd win that one. :lol: