Weatherman (Westerman) injured again

Looks like Westerman is on the 6 game injury list. Is this guy a huge disappointment or what. How many games has this guy played without getting himself placed on the injury list?

Seven, plus almost 3/4 of an eighth.

Hasn’t played a full schedule since 2016. 2018 stats 10 tackles in 8 games. No sacks no forced fumbles. Why do they keep this guy? An injury looking for a place to happen.

I want to make a Matt Hayes joke, but I don’t think he’s been on CHCH for years now. Can’t think of the current guy.

It’s that broadcasting noob named Brian Wood.

Jokes are welcome …

He was a freebie in the Johnny trade so really didn’t cost the team anything - yes I know they still have to pay his salary. I wonder if this is lingering from last season as he didn’t seem to participate at all in training camp.

He’s a good player when healthy. Must have re-injured something during training camp. He’s on the sidelines tonight in street clothes, cheering the team on.I predict he willhelp us down the stretch.

Absolutely agree. Hope he’s able to return sooner than 6 games.