Hi Folks
Living in Ireland we get an inch of Snow and the whole Country come to a grinding halt :oops:
I have the weather in Saskatchewan on my laptop and the below zero temp you guys get is scary.

What do you guys do to get through it ?

Irish Fan

Dress warmly in layers, tough it out, and look forward to summer and football season. :slight_smile:

IrishLion…we play hockey. A small minority of us catch alot of international rugby action (northern and southern hemisphere).

How’s the rugby seaosn going on over there? Who is leading the premiership?

It sucks to be honest. Every year I ask my self how I put up with it.

The snow has been blowing like crazy over here... maybe I will have to try and find you a few pics.

You have the sport of curling over there don't you?

The six nations Rugby kicked off last weekend with wins for Ireland,Italy,England.The premiership Rugby is headed by Harlequins .here is the website .My Wife and I are big Leicester Tigers fans :smiley: and she also loves The All Blacks(can't say I blame her)

Scotland I believe have curling ,it's also very big in Norway,Sweden,Finland.I enjoy watching it but not sure I could stay up on the ice if I tried t partake in the Sport.Tried Ice Skating once and spent most of the time kissing ice :lol:

:roll: :rockin: :roll: love your answer

My office hired two Irish lads in the last 9 months. They both just went thru Skid Smart training. Company teaches you to drive on ice, lots of fun actually. The other day one of them made me laugh when he said it was hard to wrap his head around -5 C being called warm as the weather got to be spring like. Of course we were punished right after that with a snow storm and now it's -17 with wind chill of about -22 C. That's okay as the driving ranges open up here around April 5th, so one month to go until golf season (might be a it later thanks to all the snow we got this year).

Just being honest. Most of the people here in Saskatchewan think the same thing and get sick of winter, even if they don't want to admit it right now. Winter is rough. It is long. It is cold. The fun of snow only goes so far.

We don't put slacks on until -20.

Jeez I have been trying to figure out a way to post a couple snow pics on here for you... If these work, they are on my little deck... I was digging my way out to get to the bbq

We set a new snow record since then... Probly got another 8 or ten inches.

I for one hate winter, this one has been long, cold, and way to much snow, and now is mar. 22 and shows no signs of letting up. when it does melt, not sure where all the water will go as the ground is saturated from last summer's rains which where also way above the average, going to be lots of flooded basements this year I think. Just Can't wait to BBQ again. 8)


I don't skate, I don't toboggan, I don't ski. .. I don't follow hockey. .. there's no CFL football, I can't go hunting, I can't go fishing (I don't ice fish). .. winter is useless to me.

My main winter activity is sitting indoors waiting for spring. ..

I am usually a Winter lover. I play hockey, I ski, I made a fort in my backyard for fun, but enough is enough. I was supposed to be driving to Fernie to go skiing tonight but I can't because the #1 highway is closed and /or driving not recommended from here to the Alberta border. We've had so much snow that all the ditches are full to the brim and the snow is just blowing straight across leaving a nice icy layer. Roads all over this great province are closed today. Never seen so much red on the highway map in my life.

Thanks for sharing the photo’s .In Ireland we could not survive this kind of weather …

They were brutal. I was forced to be on them for the last 24 hours. oye

Just walked in the door at 1020pm. Time for a rum.

There are two seasons in Saskatchewan - Swat and Shovel

Right now we are in Shovel season.

Nothing to be done about the weather. Just bear down, hope for spring and training camp opening in early June.

Really looking forward to this season and the Grey Cup right here in the heart of the CFL.

Already have my Grey Cup tickets!


Happy you made it home safe. Some of the pictures I saw on facebook were just scary.

Thanks...yeah, the picture I took didn't do it justice. We got stuck on sections where we just had to come to a complete spot, then we would get up to 10km/hr or so. There was a solid 1.5 hour stretch I never broke 20, and when you got out of the truck you literally almost got blown over. I got out on Ice, and was pushed about 15 feet.

It was nasty.