Here is a random question....have there been any "bad weather" games so far this season? I don't think i've seen any rain or high winds or anything. I'm starting to really look forward to those chilly games with snow...when the CFL season REALLY beings. :cowboy:

there was a game early in Edmonton this season when they had to delay the game for like 20-30 mins when a lightning storm occurred. but that's really about it.

There was also a delay in the season opener here in Regina due to a hail storm. The game was fine though.

Most of the games here in Regina have been perfect weather. Usually it’s hit and miss on the wind but there hasn’t been anything too terrible yet.

There have been some extremely hot games out east this year. They were frying eggs on the sideline pavement at Ivor Wynne in July. Then the Riders @ Argos game - in the EVENING - with the roof open, very muggy, very sweaty. The Argos defense was completely gassed in the last 10 minutes from the heat and being on the field for probably 20 minutes in the second half. Black and Forde didn't mention it once but it was a huge factor in the game.

Wasn't Hamilton at Edmonton quite rainy?