Weather Report For Green Bay

Ouch it's gonna be cold, -17 feels like -31 with wind chill with light flurries. Foxboro is set to be -12 feels like -18 with wind chill mostly sunny.

I only got to catch the 4th quarter, but seeing Lambeau with all the snow and cold and the great fans and the Packers in their green and yellow... reminded me of being at Commonwealth for the West Semi in '04. Of course, that team in Green and Gold didn't fare as well as the Pack, but hey, can't win all the time.

It definitely favours the underdog Chargers and Giants if the weather is ugly, anything can happen on frozen and sloppy fields.

I don't know Earl. Going from the sunny beaches of Southern California could be a shock to them!

Yes Sporty but with bad weather conditions, more unpredictability which does favour the underdog I think. Anyway, should be good, can't wait for the games!

Brandon Jacobs is a cold weather back