Weather or not

Just a reminder...the second half of the schedule has begun...and with it comes the challenges of the season.
Weather will now play a major role in how games are played...from rain in Vancouver to freezing prairie winds and perhaps even some ???? ...let the real Canadian game begin.

Further to that...memories of good old Empire Stadium may truly be brought back to life tomorrow night...RAIN RAIN and more RAIN is forecast. Hang on's going to be one slippery pigskin.


Good, I hope the rest of the games at Ivor Wynne are 10 degrees below zero. Nothing beats cold weather and football.

....based on Calgary's absolutely terrible summer (we had snow on our roofs and cars Friday morning at higher elevations) I'd say we have a jump on the rest of the warning, puleeze...

I initially thought the title was a gaffe on ‘whether’ … but it was intended! Nicely done! :thup:

My sister lives outside of Calgary, and she was telling me you guys got some snow this summer. That's brutal. :lol:

That's probably why the Stamps are likely to sign Jesse Lumsden for the fall/winter stretch drive.

last night would've been gorgeous football weather here in Vancouver...but tonight is gonna be pretty wet and miserable.