Weather not an issue today

Temperatures have warmed up quite a bit and wind is expected to be low

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You out with Rob Ford last night :cowboy: :cowboy: The Wind is going to be 30 km gusting to 50 km . who ever wins the toss has just won themselves a Grey Cup !

Not much different than what Hamilton played in two weeks ago in Guelph, and they were able to score the go-ahead touchdown going into the wind.

The Riders fans will probably be continuing to hide their heads in the sand over this, but Hamilton is much more experienced and better prepared to play in these conditions than the Riders are....

Addendum: Looking at the forecast, the strongest winds will be in the fourth quarter and the wind chill is projected to be -14C.

Gusts up to 65 km this evening . This is a great equalizer for Hamilton .Who ever wins the toss, will defer to the 2nd half and grab wind in the 4th and give them a great chance to win !

Looks to be VERY similar to the weather in Edmonton in 2011 and Calgary in 2010...both were fine if you were dressed for it....

Not the wind ! Going to be a HUGE factor !