Weather in the peg

Looks cold but good conditions for football on Sunday.
I would say an advantage for our Offence.

[url=] ... 4day_table[/url]

The Weather Office (which is usually more accurate (in my opinion) concurs):

[url=] ... ric_e.html[/url]

I hope it warms up a bit, the Bombers are use to playing in the cold but I don't know have much this will affect our rookies.

It's not the cold we have to worry about - it's the Wind. If it's windy we have to worry about the home team always getting the wind in the Fourth quarter, the no yards penalties on every punt.

I don't see anything in the weather forecasts about the wind

Not to mention the fans. Anyone got some long-johns I can borrow?


Weather in the Peg?



Sticky might have an adjective to add to this. :smiley:

Doesn't that depend on a coin toss?

It's Winnipeg. Count on it being windy.

Maybe this time, the Ticats will try an onside punt recovery against the wind. And if the wind is really strong, maybe even try kicking the ball high on kickoffs and trying to recover some of those too.

Bob Bob Bob, borrowing underwear! Finances must be tighter than I thought. Try to get yourself one of the buffalo robes the local police used to wear.

Then again, to inspire the team show up with the tiger, only this time wear only your Tarzan breechclout. That would stop the players whining about the cold.

absolutely the funniest thing I have read this year on the site. Stop, Stop, I’m getting mental images… :cowboy:

Only 2 more sleeps.. .I'm so excited


-17C (2F) for a low tonight,

-10C (14F) for game time,

I wonder if the players will be allowed 1/2 a cup of Johnnie Walker or Lagavulin before kickoff and at half time to warm up :lol: ?

The thing I didn't want to see...................winds of 20Km/h!!!
Is it my imagination that the Home Team always gets the advantage of the wind in the 4th Quarter. Just hope we can get the run game going when going into the wind.

Not this Bomber team, we have not had a cold weather game like this in at least 20 years. It has been warm in Winnipeg all fall,so it will be even in that regards. Plus Kevin Glenn played here.

Not so sure that these cold weather conditions really favour the Blue Babies that much.

This is the first time that many of them have played this late in the season for years or ever. They're used to packing it up by the end of the regular season. So, this weather will be as new to them as it is to Hamilton.

Besides, they've had similar a outdoor environment in Hamilton for the last couple of days, so Marcel has been using those conditions to get the team ready for it.

Yes, it’s your imagination.
It depends who wins the coin toss.

But I will bet you that Winnipeg as the home team WILL have the wind in the 4th quarter

Because they are not usually playing this time of year!!!

You got 50-50 odds on that, so....

Actually, I used to think the real coin toss in the Grey Cup must have already been done well before the game, but turns out not to be the case. They would introduce the offence of one team and defence of the other, and it seemed that the team whose offence was introduced always ended up receiving the ball. But the last two years, the opposite happened. So just a coincidence, I guess. Chance is like that sometimes.

The Ticat Offensive Line doesn't seem to mind the cold weather:

@scratchingpostDrew Edwards

My last Tweet apparently got truncated: the #Ticats offensive line did walkthrough in shorts and t-shirts. In minus -20 with the windchill.